NYC Brand Condoms: Sweet!

Posted on January 9th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in This just in

Good times, and a collector’s item.  The Mayors Office announced plans to release 1 million NYC Brand condoms.  The city has the nation’s highest HIV/AIDS rate, so it makes sense.
The cool part?  The wrappers will be branded with all the subway lines!
Bring on the dirty jokes:
So when you plan to pull into your mate’s “Grand [...]

WTF was up with that stink today, huh? That was crazy. Now the conspiracy nuts come out of the wood work. Everyone claims they are the expert.
Personally, SUBWAYblogger thinks someone spilled a chemical stink by accident, but is affraid of being labeled a terrorist.
Anyway, the stink shut down the PATH train and the F [...]

Just think, if it was cold (like January should be), this would all be snow! It has rained over 1.5 inches so far. That could potentially translate into a couple FEET of snow.
I was once told by a meteorologist that in very general terms, an inch of rain equals a foot of snow. [...]

This does not really qualify as a subway related post, but it is close enough because this is the crap that totally enrages SUBWAYblogger. Here’s the back story.
Ari Kraft was a 13 year old graffiti punk who was widely known for his talent. Yeah, we said it…punk. Sure, he was probably a nice enough kid, [...]

Larry Reuter, the current New York City Transit Authority President has announced that he plans to leave NYC in February. 
Ok, so maybe the headline is a little harsh.  He sort of a good run. 
-Introduced MetroCards with discounts and unlimited rides
-Eliminated “two-fare zones”
-Oversaw 31% increase in subway ridership
-2,502 new subway cars and 3,239 buses purchases
-116 subway [...]

So what do you do to pass the time on the subway? Obviously, SUBWAYblogger blogs on the train. What do you do?
As I look around, it seems that a lot of people got PSP’s (Play Station Portable) for Christmas. The increase in videogamers on the train is noticable.
Looks like there are a bunch of [...]

There’s a lot of people that sleep on the subway. Every day, you see people passed out on the trains.
Personally, SUBWAYblogger says BAD IDEA. A little doze here and there is ok, but an all out nap is dangerous. You’ll wake up, and all your stuff is gone!
How about the people that [...]

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