Get outta my seat old man

Posted on July 22nd, 2009 by The SUBWAYblogger in Outta the Way, Rider Strategy

The MTA is continuing their quest to teach us barbaric New Yorkers some morals.  Of course, they are exactly the right team of folks to be in charge of such an endeavor.

In their latest batch of subway car advertisements, a sign clearly illustrates that it is “the right thing to do” when you get up and give your seat to a person with diabilities.  Plus, IT IS THE LAW.  Oooooo the law.

I think SUBWAYblogger’s policy on the whole seat issue has been well established.  However, to sum it up, if you are spry enough to drag your ass down the stairs from street level, stand in the 100 degree heat on the platform waiting for the train, and navigate the flood of people getting on/off the train, you’re good enough to stand.  If you failed any part of that scenario, you probably didn’t make it on the train alive.

There’s a very rare group of exceptions to this rule, so chances are you won’t see me giving up a seat.

But that’s not my point.

Back to the signs.

Is it not a bit presumptive that every person with disabilities wants a seat on the train?  If you’re sitting in once of those specially noted seats, you’re obligated to get up by L-A-W.  Doesn’t that cause a certain level of indignity to be bestowed upon these people?

It’s like asking the woman in line at the grocery store when the baby is due only to find out that she’s not at all pregnant.  Oops.

Isn’t getting up to let the guy with the cane sit down the same thing.

“Hey you with the gimpy leg, come take my seat so I don’t get a ticket from the humanity police.”

You actually see it happen a lot with old people.  A guy sees and old lady get on the train and dives out of the way so she can have his seat.  She is totally ok with standing, but now you’ve just pointed out to her that she clearly looks to ancient and frail to stand there on her own.

It’s all just a lot of politically correct bullshit.  If someone truly can’t manage to stand, all they need to do is ask for someone’s seat.

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