Is it about time the kids paid? I think so.

Posted on January 3rd, 2010 by The SUBWAYblogger in Kids

So let’s hear your thoughts on the cutting of free and reduced fares for NYC Students.

Personally, I’m torn.  I can see how it is something that students should have.  Then again, times are tough.  I think that everyone needs to chip in.  I guess I’m on both sides of the issue.

Here’s some things I do know.

1) “I have three kids.  How am I supposed to afford buying them each a MetroCard.”

Nothing makes my blood boil more than this one.  It’s the same excuse used for not having to pay for many services.

Here’s an idea:  Keep your legs closed, get on the pill, put on a condom, and stop pumping out children.  The fact that poor people have more than one kid is absolutely amazing to me.  I can understand making a mistake and having a kid.  However, once you’ve realized the difficulties (personally and financially) of having a kid without the income to support it, what the hell business do you have birthing more?  Grow the F up.

I don’t want to hear that you have so many children you can’t afford to pay for stuff on your own.  That’s a problem YOU created.

2) I love this quote from this NBC post:

Samad Ahmed, 16, who takes the N Train to get to school in The Flatiron District, put it this way: “I mean we’re in a recession. I don’t know how you expect my Dad, who drives a car for a living and works real hard to keep us fed, to take on another burden. It’s unfair.”

Yeah Samad…another burden like YOU.

3) My kid will have to walk too far.

Well, you’re kid is fat.  It will be good for them.  If they’ve got to walk 30 blocks to school, great.  They need it.

I could go on, but I’ll let you pick it up from here.

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