The Subway is a Center for NYC Artists

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by The SUBWAYblogger in Good lookin'

Samantha Lister from shares some expert advice on Subway Art in this Guest Post on SUBWAYblogger.

If you’re bored, frustrated or just plain fed up with your daily journey on the subway to work and back, what better way to lift your spirits than with a little bit of art to muse over?

The MTA Arts for Transit commissions enable well-established and emerging artists across the United States to gain the attention of hundreds and thousands of city-dwellers and travelers, from unique light boxes to striking posters.

Why limit the showcasing of talented artists to boxed-in art galleries and fancy websites? Subway Art could just be the way forward as millions of people around the world are gagging for something to catch their eye to make their mundane journeys more exciting. The art designs could even give people something more to talk about than late running trains and the forever increasing fares.

Exhibitions across various locations, including the New York City Transit and Long Island Rail Road, include permanent art and rotating presentations. This gives a number of artists the opportunity to have their work displayed within some of the most visited areas across the country. It also means that subway users and staff can expect to see frequent visual changes to keep them on their toes.

What was once seen as graffiti plastered over the bare walls of subway and train stations, has now fast become a unique form of expression that provides something a little more interesting than mere advertisements splattered around.

Across the pond in cultural Europe, the London Underground has been commissioning art and design since 1908. Building on this tradition, a new legacy of art is presented across the Tube network. The large and small scale projects have provided much fascination to customers and staff alike, connecting the history of Transport for London with its ever-evolving future.

So, next time you’re sitting on the Subway, wondering what to have for dinner or why the guy next to you insists on playing his music so loud, take a look at the art around you; each commissioned piece is there for you to interpret in any way that you choose and is likely to give a different perspective each time you look at it.

Subway Art goes miles with you so why not give it a thought? Enhancing the way that we travel in a busy world, the art and design that you will see connects a whole series of themes, from contemporary interpretations of modern day living to decorative attempts to preserve the past.

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