Cutting Student MetroCards: Vote Delayed

Posted on March 27th, 2010 by The SUBWAYblogger in Kids

Ugh.  Just get it over with already so we can go on with our lives realizing that this is not the end of the world.  This is a followup to SUBWAYblogger’s recent post on this subject that became quite the source of debate.

The vote to cut the program has been delayed.  However, there are a lot of issues at hand here.

One (not the biggest, so f-ing relax) of the issues has to do with high school kids being able to apply for the high school of their choice.  I think it is a great idea.  I wish it existed when I was in high school.  I would have loved the opportunity to attend the high school of my choice.

However, when given the opportunity to make my choice, I would not be pissed if my community said it was my responsibility to get myself there, or my parent’s responsibility.


Because I could go to the school that is much closer to me if I choose.

As parents, you have two main choices here:

Figure out a way to get your kid to school.  Should be among your most important tasks in life.  No joke.


Pick a closer school and make it your mission in life to make that school a better place.

The transportation issue is an issue because the schools in many areas blow.  They are terrible.  Naturally, you’d want your kid to go across town or to another borough to the better school.

But what about fixing the school near you?

If parents gave a crap, and actually banded together to make the school in their neighborhood a better place, it would not be such a major issue.

Instead they would rather bitch and moan that they cannot continue to rely on the MetroCard welfare program to get their kids to a better school.

I get it.  That school near you sucks.  But it sucks because your community let it suck.  The parents with kids in that school did not say, “Hey, this is f-ed up and we are going to fix it.”

Get off your asses and fix the problem.

Show me a parent that decides to take matters in to their own hands.  The mom that demands the schools be safer, and bugs the crap out of the administration to make it better.  Or the father that volunteers to coach basketball at the high school even though his kids aren’t even old enough to attend high school yet.  Or the community that bands together to repaint the graffiti on the walls of the school.  And the parents that demand teachers that give a crap.

Those are the parents that deserve a FREE MetroCard for their kids to attend a better school until they are able to finish the fight to make their own school better.

If you are not one of those parents, you’ve got no room to complain.

Secondly, there should be a process for kids that have worthless parents to get themselves some MetroCard support.  It isn’t their fault that they were born by losers.

Let the comment frenzy begin.  If you disagree, all the better.  Twitter and Facebook all your friends on over to tell me what an a-hole I am.  Bring it on.

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