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I mean, I’m just sayin’. 

I feel like I am running into the most bitchy people on the subway lately.  I mean this week!
There seem to be an especially high number of moody bitches causing problems on the train.  For what ever reason, it has still be crowded in the morning even though many schools are off this week.  So [...]

Contributed by a SUBWAYblogger reader Leslie S.: 
I was on my way to DTW for Yanira Castro’s installation piece, when I almost tripped on who I thought was on ordinary subway vagrant on the steps leading outside to the NE corner of 14th street at 6th avenue. (at the F stop)  I quickly realized that this [...]

So there’s been a buzz around the blogs lately about the subway smelling really bad. Old news? Yeah, like who didn’t already know that?
Never fear…as per usual, AMNY is on the case of obvious news. They did a story about straphangers having to hold their noses at some subway stops. (BTW, [...]

So here’s a question…what’s the dirtiest station in the subway system? Every regular rider knows a stop that just makes their skin crawl to think about it.
One I can think of is 96th and Broadway on the 1, 2, and 3. That stop is old and disgusting. It fills up like a toilet any [...]

Two more people died on the subway this weekend, however, this time they weren’t subway construction workers.
In two separate incidents, a pair of homeless men were killed. One man died while walking between train cars. He apparently slipped and fell between the train cars as they were moving. That never ends up [...]

OMG.  I don’t even know where to begin to describe my morning commute today.  It was so stressful, that I couldn’t even write about as I was witnessing it.  Not to mention, it was so crowded that I could barely move my arms.  If I had managed to pull my BlackBerry out to write, I [...]

Ooo that smell…

Posted on April 22nd, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Bums, This just in, Weekend

I think that’s a song.
Stumbled across another interesting blog today.  This might become an addictive habit of searching for blogs to which I can relate.
Anyway, the blog in question,  The Odd Broad, had a post about subway smells.  Obviously, SB was attracted immediately.
Do you play the “What’s that smell game?”  SUBWAYblogger sure does.  However, it’s [...]

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