Ooo that smell…

Posted on April 22nd, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Bums, This just in, Weekend

I think that’s a song.
Stumbled across another interesting blog today.  This might become an addictive habit of searching for blogs to which I can relate.
Anyway, the blog in question,  The Odd Broad, had a post about subway smells.  Obviously, SB was attracted immediately.
Do you play the “What’s that smell game?”  SUBWAYblogger sure does.  However, it’s [...]

So a guy got on my train to play us a little tune on his clarinet in hopes of scoring some pocket change.  First off, the clarinet is a nice change.  You don’t see many clarinet players in the subway.  It seems to mostly be keyboards and guitars with the occasional trumpet thrown in.
I especially [...]

The MTA is testing some new verbiage on the subway aimed at getting rid of the term “last stop.”
Normally, when you come to the end of the line, the announcer says that “this is the last stop.”  Believe it or not, those words are dangerous.  No, we aren’t kidding.  Apparently, people flip out if the [...]

Ouch…is that headline too harsh? Anyway…
Apparently, it is not possible to levatate between train cars as the MTA warning sticker pictured here illustrates.
An old homeless Veteran, Jose Montanez, died on the 6 train down at City Hall. Apparently, he had stayed on the train after leaving the last stop at the end [...]

First of all, what is that smell. More importantly WHO is that smell coming from. I know SUBWAYblogger just wrote about the smell in the subway, but this morning’s odor is pretty impressive.
Anyway, guys with ponytails look like idiots. Unless you are in an active rock band, you have no excuse, so go get a [...]

It seems to me that the bums in the system are a little antsy lately. They seem to be causing more trouble than usual.
Most of the homeless guys is see regularly are pretty harmless. However, there are a couple that have been going nuts lately.
One guy I saw this morning was all messed up. He [...]

Michael Harris, and his motorized wheelchair, got off the 5 train in Brooklyn last week only to find that the elevator to street level was out of service. First of all, big freakin’ surprise. Anyway, he went to the station agent to told him to get back on a train and go back [...]

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