In continuing coverage of the freaky crap happening in the subway lately, last night around 2am, a guy got slashed on the L train.
Apparently, some jackass guy with a beard started to taunt another rider.  “You lookin’ at me?”  Then the two got into it.   The poor 19 year old guy was just trying to [...]

Being out and about this weekend, I noticed that nightime smell of winter. That cold, crisp smell before a snow storm. Winter is on the way.
As I look around the train, the ladies are ready with the winter fashions. I know, you’ve been waiting for weeks to trot out all of your new sweaters.
It seems [...]

I boarded the train just minutes ago, and at the very first stop, a strange guy got on board.
He has an L.L. Bean style tote bag with him. Inside, he has hero rolls in plastic wrap. I know, I know…”See something, say something.” Trust me, I thought about it.
Anyway, he started off with the traditional [...]

Another month rolls into the show full of crazy that is the NYC subway system.
I’m currently enjoying a lecture from a man named Harry. His thesis is on why he has AIDS and is homeless all at the same time.
Harry sounds like a Jewish guy that just woke up. Really tired, slow, and under enthusiastic [...]

So I have to admit that I get a little kick out of the routines that the homeless guys pull on the trains when begging for change. I don’t get off on the fact that they are homeless, so relax! But, their little speeches and whatnot can be quite entertaining.
The fact is that 99% of [...]

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Today is Primary Day in New York, so take a few seconds out of your day to vote. It isn’t that painful. Ok, now that our civil obligation has been met, on to the good stuff.
I am shooting 1 for 3 today. First, jumped right into the car with no air conditioning. I swear it [...]

I have an early meeting this morning, so I am “in the system” (as if it were the matrix or something) earlier than normal. But there is something nice about the calm in the early morning.
There are less people on board, so I am actually able to sit while I write. It also appears that [...]

Time for a new act

Posted on August 13th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Bums

Is it me, or are you bored by the pan handler’s stories?  At this point, I’ve heard every sob story these bums can come up with, and now I’m board. 
“Excuse me ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t mean to disturb you…”  Uhh dude. Yeah you do, so shut up and get to the point. 
One time I [...]

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