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On Wednesday March 14th, I posted my list of Annoying Subway people. I got a lot of fun responses to the list, so I planned on doing a follow-up. But then I thought about it. I thought, “Am I mocking other people because I don’t [...]

Getting it off my chest

Posted on March 14th, 2007 by Todd in Contribution

I’ve got some stuff to get off my chest, and that stuff is Annoying Subway People!  Let’s go by categories:
1.  Zig-Zaggers.  These are the people who can’t walk a straight line tosave their life.  They weave back and forth and eventually make it to where they’re going.  Is it indecision?  Is it lack of knowledge?  [...]

SUBWAYblogger reader Lee tipped us to this article by the Daily News about the top 10 reasons trains are thrown off schedule.  What are the reasons?

Track work
Signal Trouble
Guard-light trouble (huh?)
Sick Customers
Customers holding doors
Emergency Brakes triggered; no cause found (that’s not comforting)
Broken rail (lovely)
Unruly riders
System Maintenance (isn’t that the same as #1?)
Emergency brakes triggered by signal

4,270 [...]

From time to time, we get some very interesting reader mail.  This one was particularly interesting.  Disclaimer:  This really has nothing to do with the subway at all.  However, as pointed out below, it does have something to do with city transit, so we thought we would let this slide by. 
Anyway, this kid created this cool mashup that takes [...]

New Trains: Sweet

Posted on January 22nd, 2007 by Todd in Contribution

I rode in a new Subway train today.  I tried to look it up in the MTA website, but what do you know, most of the MTA site isn’t working!  Ha!  If that’s not classic, I don’t know what is. 
A word about the new trains: Sweet. 
They’ve got a new suspension system that uses “air-bags,” but [...]

Did you ever stop and wonder how often a subway car gets cleaned? You’d think that they get at least a walk through to pick up trash on a fairly regular basis, but how often are they really CLEANED?
SUBWAYblogger’s going to do a little homework on this one.
Logic says that each train car probably rarely [...]

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Subway sketch artist

Posted on December 29th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Contribution

SUBWAYblogger isn’t the only crazy one using the subway as a center subject matter. Cully from the blog A Child of Atom sketches the people he sees on the NYC Subway. His stuff is really cool. This is one of his most recent sketches.
I thought it was hard to type a complete posting in the [...]

I am a former subway rider. I used to ride subways at least twice a day, as my work place was in Chelsea. But since last year or so, my work moved to the area I live, and so I have no use of subway anymore, unless I’m shopping in Manhattan.
That said, I have a [...]

Flash Back


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