Rumor has it that a 21 year old was “thrown from a train” up in Washington Heights, and killed. Details are very hard to come by because police are not being very forthcoming at this time. Also, details are hard to get late at night when the majority of the press are home in bed.
The [...]

Subway Murder Suicide

Posted on October 11th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Crime, Deaths, This just in

Ohhh the plot thickens.
In the wee hours yesterday morning, you may have heard that 2 train service was all messed up in the Bronx “because of police activity.” Translation: Dead guy found on the tracks. This all happened in the Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue station .
Here’s where this whole thing turns into the next episode [...]

Here’s how you know they will never crack down on today’s defacement of the subway. The feds are just now getting around to cracking down on notorious subway graffiti artist from the 1980’s.
He claimed that he had moved beyond graffiti, exhibiting his art in galleries, lecturing at universities and working as a commercial artist, [...]

Mayor Bloomberg went on a little trip to London this week. He liked what he saw in their public transporation system. All of their busses and subways have 2 to 3 cameras in each car.
I think it is a great idea. It will hopefully make us safer…that’s obvious. But what I’m really hoping it will [...]

I was up at Columbia this afternoon, and heading to the train on my way home.  I happened to be closer to the 110th Street station, so I headed in that direction (versus the 116th stop).
Quickly, realized that was a bad idea.  The place was crawling with NYPD and rescue.  From the look of it, [...]

Words of wisdom from the MTA that escaped some dude recently.
AMNY Tracker reports that today’s morning Q train snafu was due to a subway surfer.  No, not some idiot riding inside the train pretending to surf down the middle of the isle.  No, instead it is usually a rider on top of (as in the [...]

So it seems that the NYPD needs to spend a little more time on the firing range working on aim.   Ok, just kidding.
However, it turns out that at least one of the shots Officer Annmarie Marchiondo took the other night came from the gun of another police officer.  The wound her foot was determined to [...]

Crazy story. So crazy it sounds like something out of a movie.
Suspect Juan Calves, 51, was detained by by plainclothes police officers when he and another man were spotted riding between train cars. The officers removed him from the train onto the downtown 4 train at 178th Street in the Bronx.
All [...]

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