Yay!  The electronic message boardsalong the L line are up and running.  Uhhh…wait…no, maybe they aren’t.  Are they broken already?
In some cases yes, and not just with quirky little bugs.  It turns out that people are actually stealing the copper wiring that the signs are hooked up to!  The copper cabling is very valuable, and [...]

If you were at the New Lots Ave stop of the L train at around 3am this morning, you probably saw a pretty ugly thing.  Five people were arrested in connection with the stabbing and subsequent death of 20-year old Gerlin Collando. 
Collando was stabbed multiple times in the chest.  Allegedly, the argument that lead to [...]

Joseph Weir, 23, was sentenced to four months in prision for sucking the feet of female subway riders.  I guess that’s fair.  He’ll have four non-stop months of big, hairy man feet to suck.  That’s justice served, right?
I know, I know…back up, and tell the story.
Ok, so this guy spent the last three years going [...]

OK, so this isn’t the subway, but it easily could have been.  There was a pretty funny fight on the PATH train.  The funny part is the guys taping the fight.  This is NSFW if you have speakers.  Turn them down because there is some colorful language. 
Thanks to AMNY Subtracker for tipping us off to [...]

Officials apparently see deaths on the subway as standard operating procedures.  amNY reports that on average in 2006, two people died a month.
In the eyes of the Transit Authority, that’s a pretty low number of people considering the millions of people that ride the subway everyday.  So hey, two less straphangers a month is just [...]

Following up on what we posted earlier, there was a stabbing on the J train in Brooklyn. However, the victim is 17 years old, not 15 as we previously had heard.
At this point, there isn’t much else that is known. Police say they may have a suspect in custody.
The weapon was a scary [...]

How’s that for a badly written headline?
Getting the formal business out of the way, there has been a stabbing on the J train. A 15 year old was involved. That’s all SUBWAYblogger caught before hitting the streets to head home. We will have an update later tonight.
Otherwise, the cold is quite the smack in the [...]

This does not really qualify as a subway related post, but it is close enough because this is the crap that totally enrages SUBWAYblogger. Here’s the back story.
Ari Kraft was a 13 year old graffiti punk who was widely known for his talent. Yeah, we said it…punk. Sure, he was probably a nice enough kid, [...]

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