The bar that you push past in the subway turnstile…that’s just more of a suggestion huh. If you’ve ever paid slightly more that average attention to the subway entry process (SUBWAYblogger has), then you have probably seen people hop the bar.
It really is more of a suggestion, because who is going to stop you? [...]

The MTA had predicted that the new subway rules started this year would result in a much higher rate of summons issued. As a matter of fact, when the new rules were implemented, many straphangers were pissed! The expected that the MTA Police would be handing out fines left and right.
Well, the complete [...]

In continuing coverage of the freaky crap happening in the subway lately, last night around 2am, a guy got slashed on the L train.
Apparently, some jackass guy with a beard started to taunt another rider.  “You lookin’ at me?”  Then the two got into it.   The poor 19 year old guy was just trying to [...]

Subway crime is at the lowest it has been in 37 years!  Even though we tend to hear about the crimes more often, the numbers actually show that things are much better.
Through the mass media and NYC blogs (like this :-) ), people tend to hear more about the crimes throughout the system.  However, as the [...]

A man was stabbed on an uptown 2 train last night sometime around 3am. 
He and another man allegedly got into a bit of a dispute just south of the 23rd Street station.  The suspect stabbed the man, and fled on foot from the station.
The victim managed to get off at the 28th Street station to [...]

Did you hear about the mother who came home last night only to find her two kids dead in the bathtub? The mother got home around midnight after work. Daddy was home “taking care” of the kids.
Allegedly, he drowned the two little ones in the bathtub. He then went down to the subway and threw [...]

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