So a fat woman and a gay guy walk into a bar.  (Just kidding)
Instead, a skinny gay guy sits down next to a biiiiiiig hunk of woman on the subway.  She’s easily a seat-and-a-halfer.  Her thighs are just spilling over into the seat next to her.
She was all the way at the end of the [...]

Halloween Freakshow 2008

Posted on November 1st, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Good lookin'

Well folks, we’ve survived (most of us) another Halloween in NYC.  It never ceases to amaze me how seriously New Yorkers take Halloween.
Even if you didn’t make it down to the Village for the parade, you can still see the “interesting” costumes underground.  The subway becomes it’s own parade all night long.
Most people take the [...]

So I’ve seen a lot of gross stuff happen, especially in the subway.  Gross, smelly, oozing homeless feet.  Fat, sweating, pigs of human beings in airconditionless subway cars.  Really, it takes a lot to make my skin crawl.  However, this put me over the edge.
I was on a 3 train coming from downtown.  It was [...]

Remember that guy that saw a girl on the subway and fell in love with her immediately? Or perhaps you remember feeling a little nauseous when you read the story.

Well now there’s a brand new site that allows you to get stalked find your missed subway love connection. is a new site that simply [...]

AMNY reports that the Manhattan borough president wants to have the police crack down on subway pervsattacking and harassing people in the subway.
Scott Stringer’s office asked commuters how often someone sexually attacked or harassed them in the subway, and found frightening results. More than 60 percent of those who responded to the online study said [...]

Holy suitcases batman!  Where the hell is everyone going today?
Everywhere I look, there’s people with suitcases trying to get onto the subway.  I guess everyone is getting out of dodge for the weekend.  Maybe they figured that they would avoid the Memorial Day weekend traffic and just go the next weekend. 
I love how women pack [...]

Just about every outfit you see on the subway is a “fashion don’t.” Did you ever find yourself riding the train wondering if you are the only normal looking one on board?
In the winter, it’s cold. People just look like idiots because they are wearing whatever they can to stay warm. In the summer [...]

Nerve did a bizarre article that profiles subway performers and sex advice.  Sure, you may be thinking “of course subway performers are sex experts.”  However, SUBWAYblogger did not think the same thing. 
Anyway, here’s a sample of the kind of thing that gets asked in the article.
How would you handle a menstrual explosion during sex with [...]

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