This does not really qualify as a subway related post, but it is close enough because this is the crap that totally enrages SUBWAYblogger. Here’s the back story.
Ari Kraft was a 13 year old graffiti punk who was widely known for his talent. Yeah, we said it…punk. Sure, he was probably a nice enough kid, [...]

How young is too young to be riding on the subway alone? Am I the only one who is astounded by some of the kids you see on the subway alone? I mean the summer is one thing, but it is dark now by 5pm. There’s 12 year olds on riding the subway alone when [...]

Stop the crazies!

Posted on November 14th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Deaths, Kids, Scary People, This just in

The crazies are back on the loose again.  Ok, so in case you haven’t heard…
A mother in Brooklyn killed her 9 year old boy because “the demons told her to.”  So she smothered her son to death.  Then, she decided that she had to run to the subway and throw her self on the tracks.
Unfortunately, [...]

Crying Babies

Posted on September 14th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Kids, Live Blogging On the Subway

Is there any more annoying sound than that of a crying baby? Not an infant baby (but I guess that could get old too). I mean a bratty toddler baby.
I suppose the only thing that makes me want to break things more than their screams is the idiot parents. These moron mothers that just sit [...]

…I would push them onto the tracks. Actually, I take that back. I would throw myself on the tracks because it would be my fault that I had these little brats.
Do you ever find youself out somewhere just wanting to throttle a child into the pavement?  Like on a bus, in a restaurant, a waiting [...]

Whoa. This is weird. Remind me never to catch the train at Lincoln Center again. Waaaay to many artsy kids around.
Frankly, they frighten me. Especially in groups. These kids are supposed to be loaners, right? So what’s with the little goth gangs here.
I figured since school isn’t in full swing yet over here that I [...]

How is it that you could get to the platform every day at the exact same time and have different crowds each time?  Allow me to ellaborate.
I get to my local platform everyday at the exact same time (like right now). Yet today for some reason, there are hundreds of extra people!  I always assumed [...]

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