The Planned Parenthood ads crack me up. The funniest is the one with the girl outside near a bridge. In great big letters above her:
“I’m on the pill.”
Hahah. She must be desprate for modeling gigs. Who wants to be the birth control slut with your picture plastered on subways all over Manhattan?
What if she actually [...]

Has anyone else noticed a lot of trains with lights turned off? It seems that many train cars lately have only had 25% of their cabin lights turned on.
There’s still the lights on in every doorway, but the rest are off.
It’s like when the train car temporarily loses power, and the main [...]

Where the hell is everyone? Not that I’m complaining, but I thought today might still be the weekend. There’s no one on the train this morning.
Not only did I get a seat, but there were even some left over! It’s like living in an alternate universe.
This must be what it’s supposed [...]

Today at 6pm Eastern, the iPhone goes on sale. SUBWAYblogger will actually be in the area of “The Cube” to witness the insanity.
The iPhone really is a dream toy for me since a majority of this blog is written remotely via Blackberry. I wonder how easy writing on it would be?
It would [...]

The entire East Side has been shut down due to power outages.
The 4, 5, 6, E and V lines are shut down in all directions. A reported outage on the Upper East Side and/or Bronx has brought the East Side to a halt.
The intense storm in the area will likely not help things!
Live from the [...]

So here’s a question…what’s the dirtiest station in the subway system? Every regular rider knows a stop that just makes their skin crawl to think about it.
One I can think of is 96th and Broadway on the 1, 2, and 3. That stop is old and disgusting. It fills up like a toilet any [...]

Guys that can get away with just wearing a poloshirt to work have no idea how lucky they are. While they have no problem dealing with the oppressive subway heat, the rest of us are dying a slow death in our suits.
The powers in charge that mandate full dress attire in the peak of summer [...]

Have you ever seen a man sweat so much that it was painful to look at? He’s dripping wet to the point that you actually begin to gag? Yeah. Me too, but I’m looking at it right now.
This guy is sweating buckets. Thank goodness the train isn’t over crowded today or I [...]

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