Welcome to Monday boys and girls.  Get back to work!
It’s going to be cold later this week.  With the exception of a quick spike to 42 degrees on Tuesday, it is going to gradually get colder.  Friday, we could be looking at a high of only 13.
I for one say GOOD!  I’d like to go [...]

Wow was I off my subway game today.
I swiped at the turnstile and walked right into the bar.  My Metrocard expired and I totally forgot.  So like an idiot, I had to squeeze back out and get one.
Then the Metrocard machine I went up to was not working for some reason.  It wouldn’t read any [...]

I was handed a new (the Second Annual) Rider Report Card this morning as I headed down to the subway.  I can’t believe it has already been a year since I filled out one of these things.
I especially enjoy the little opening letter inside the card.  Here’s a few highlights.
“We’ve worked diligently over the past [...]

So here’s an idea that came to my mind.  I’m sure I am not the first one to think of this, so I’m by no means trying to take credit.  I’m just trying to initiate the discussion.
What if Metrocards were priced based on residency?
People living in the 5 boros would receive a significant discount on [...]

I guess only time will tell.  When there’s back to back days of solid rain, it can cause some big issues on the subway.  For whatever reason, the subway and water just don’t mix.
It is kind of ironic that an massive system of underground tunnels build on an island at the mouth of a major [...]

This morning, right before my eyes, I saw a kids slip in the gap between the platform and the subway train.  I was standing about 6 feet away.
He came running down the platform as the doors were closing.  He stuck his foot out as the doors were closing but missed.  I’m assuming he was trying [...]

So a fat woman and a gay guy walk into a bar.  (Just kidding)
Instead, a skinny gay guy sits down next to a biiiiiiig hunk of woman on the subway.  She’s easily a seat-and-a-halfer.  Her thighs are just spilling over into the seat next to her.
She was all the way at the end of the [...]

This is gonna sound strange, but hear me out.  There is definitely a distinct smell in the subway that can only be found when the weather starts to get cold.  Right?
It’s a sort of musty, sour, grandma’s basement sort of a smell.  I’m not the only on that notices it, right?
Yeah, I know, there’s an [...]

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