Jury Duty

Posted on October 22nd, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

Kill me now.
The only saving grace is the free WiFi available in the jury room. Otherwise, I would be contemplating homicide the entire day just to make things interesting.
An uneventful ride down town to the City Hall area.  It was just after 8am when I got down here, and it seemed like the city was [...]

I’m going to open myself up to a ton of criticism here, because I’m sure I probably made fun of someone for this at some point in the past.  Here we go anyway…
So I got a new work bag to carry my laptop and whatnot.  My other one started to rip where the shoulder strap [...]

I know I’ve said it before, but it excites me I guess.  Yeah, I’m a huge dork.
Nothing is better than flawless subway timing.  You walk into the station, and just as you swipe through the turnstile, the train arrives.
You hop right on, and hell, there might even be an open seat.  You fly through all [...]

I feel like the air conditioning on a lot of subway trains was turned off too early.
Honestly, I have no idea how the AC works on the trains.  Don’t know if there is a thermostat or what, but I feel like the AC was cut.  Seems to happen every year.
There was a bit of a [...]

Do you think the MTA should allow larger scale subway station takeover ads?  For example, our Canadian brothers and sisters have this sort of advertising on their turnstiles.

What about NYC?
If not, why?

The MTA just unveiled its fully advertisement wrapped subway train.
The shuttle (S) from Times Square to Grand Central has every single car wrapped from top to bottom, inside and out with a giant vinyl ad for History’s “Cities of the Underground.”
The Times reports that the vinyl costs $75,000 per car.  I don’t know if that’s [...]

There’s a new ad on the subway that I noticed today for The Body Shop.  I’d actually seen it a few times before but never really knew what was being sold.
For whatever reason, I looked more closely at it today.
It is a sign with flowers.  Chamomile to be exact. The product claims to help you [...]

Possibly one of the worst jobs of all time.  Can you imagine working in a subway platform newsstand stand?  Having to deal with the degenerates of the city all day long?
The heat in the summer alone would be enough for me to throw myself on the tracks.
My biggest concern would be my health.  I’m sorry, [...]

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