For the first time, I noticed that the MTA finally installed new fluorescent light bulbs in the track tunnels of my subway line.  
My train was stopped midtunnel because of train traffic, and one of those single, white bulbs was just outside the window.  They even replaced the blue marker bulbs (that indicate power cutoff [...]

When was the last time you were waiting on the platform for what seemed like an eternity only to have the next train blow right past you?
I’ve witnessed it a lot lately.  At least 3 times in the last 5 days actually. Luckily for me, I was already on board the train doing the bypassing.  [...]

Let’s just be clear, if you’re wearing a backpack on a crowded subway train at rush hour, you are a douchebag.  Period.  There’s no defense.
Secondly, if you are a grown man wearing a backpack for any reason (at any time) that doesn’t have something to do with hiking or camping, you are also a douchebag.
I [...]

The kids are back on the train.  They’re back from their summers in the Hamptons, and they look excited…haha.
Schools in the city have officially started, so students are back with us on the platforms in the morning.
It’s fun to watch the high school dynamics.  It’s like a flashback for me.  They cluster in little groups.  [...]

Have you ever been riding to subway and heard an over energetic subway conductor that looooves to use the PA system?
There’s one guy on my line that gets into his little announcements way too much.  On the one hand, it’s awesome because you can always hear him loud and clear.  On the other hand, it [...]

I’m in an R train at city hall.  We’re being held here because of a track fire south of  Rector St.  They said FDNY is on scene.
They’re telling us to get off and go uptown to canal.  All downtown traffic on the Broadway line is going over the bridge.
Side note, apparently NJT and LIRR are [...]

I could have sworn I just saw that the Metrocard machines were down again.  As I walked into my station, I pass a whole wall of Metrocard machines.  All of them said “CASH ONLY” across the top.
There were a lot of confused looking people too.
Did anyone have any problems on the way home tonight?

…for the $50 he owes you, but don’t lean on the subway car doors. It’s dangerous–and you block other people. We’re serious about safety. (But clearly not about our public safety ads)
The little nugget above is brought to you by the subway ad I am standing across from right now.
I think I may [...]

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