Yankees 2  Baltimore 3 A fairly good game even though the Yanks were losing the entire game.Anyway, to the subway…
What I notice immediately is the number of “subway authorities.”. By that I mean guys in Yankees jerseys that attend aproximately two games a year thus earning them the title “lord of the subway directions.”
Their kingdom [...]

Today all my loyal SUBWAYblogger readers get a bonus post! [Waiting for the applause to stop]
I’m headed up to the Bronx to catch the Yanks vs Baltimore tonight. I am sure there will be plenty to discuss about those trips. So stay tuned for that. Unforunately, I will be going up there with a [...]

I have an early meeting this morning, so I am “in the system” (as if it were the matrix or something) earlier than normal. But there is something nice about the calm in the early morning.
There are less people on board, so I am actually able to sit while I write. It also appears that [...]

I just walked down the stairs to the platform at the exact moment my train pulled in. I love that! I feel like the “transit gods” have smiled upon me.
“All you suckers [other passengers] stood and waited. Not me! Muaaah ah ahhh”
But as cool as I felt, it was quickly dashed away [...]

Our NJT riding brothers and sisters are out of luck this afternoon. The Secaucus Junction to/from Penn Station was shut down. But I just heard that it may be coming back online now.
Expect a slightly more crowed subway train around midtown today!
Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

AM Rain

Posted on August 15th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

So it is raining right now as I enter the subway. Not too hard but enough to be annoying. It is funny how people FLIP out when it rains.
I always get a laugh out of the people that huddle around the stairs up to street level. They just stand there, and I assume it is [...]

Do you ever find yourself looking at the old people on the train with a certain level of shock? Honestly, some of these people are going to kick it at any moment.
My first question is how do these people get down here in the first place? Even a young, healthy person can have a hard [...]

Know what sucks about the subway in the summer?  (Besides the heat making you seriously consider grabbing the 3rd rail with both hands)  Less subway musicians. 
Because of the heat, there is a serious lack of quality subway entertainment.  Where do these guys go?  Maybe they move out in to the nearby parks.  Personally, I think [...]

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