Well, it’s about that time of the year where Con Ed fully rolls out it’s annual tips for conserving energy.  This year, they’ve blessed us with 100 Tips (by number) for saving electricity.
By the looks of things, they may need us to conserve if their crews walk out on strike, but I digress.
So in these [...]

No, I’m not kidding.
Soleil, the newest straphanger, was born right on the F train platform.
Her mom was on the F train when Soleil decided she wanted OUT. A fellow passenger helped her to the platform when when her water broke.
As if in a movie, a nurse stopped to coach her through the birth [...]

Honestly, there’s about 20 square feet of the entire 59th Street station complex that’s NOT under construction.
Every time I have to get off there, it is impossible to miss the fact that there’s very little area not walled off, torn up, or fenced. It’s getting a little insane.
They may want to just shut it down [...]

Let’s kick this one around in our collective minds:  Standing room only subway cars.
What if we made every other car in a train standing room only?  We could get rid of all the seats in the train car, and perhaps add a few more grab rails and holding points.
Think of all the extra people you [...]

There are mechanical problems at South Ferry, the turn around point for the 1 line. So selected trains are terminating there…whatever that means.
So there are big delays on the 1.
The F train is having issues because of signal problems. So that’s backed up too.
When it rains, it pours.
Sent from my Verizon [...]

Can we all agree that the quality of subway advertisments has gone downhill the past few months?
SUBWAYblogger especially hates the Downtown Podiatry ads. You know these?
They are the ads with photos of feet including hammertoes, blisters, bunions, etc. And the graphics look like they were done in 1983.
Yeah. GROSS.
The last thing I [...]

I just bought a new Metrocard, and was again reminded of how badly we monthy unlimited users were hosed in the fare hike.
I only bring it up because of yesterday’s news of a $3 billion deficit in the MTA budget.
Where the hell is all the money going? If there are millions of [...]

Just when you thought some serious decisions were finally going to be made in Albany about all things transportation in NYC, Spitzer had to get caught with his pants down.
Clearly, these developments throw some major wrenches in plans for things like congestion pricing and transit related budget issues. While the pols in Albany get their [...]

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