Well it is usually this time of the year that I run out of Christmas cheer.  It’s about this time that I am ready to kill people on the subway.
Most of it has to do with obnoxious tourists and their 25 shopping bags cramming into the train cars.
See if you can relate to this scenario.  [...]

Honestly, it really is. It’s like a fake holiday. The damn kids have school off, but we don’t get the day off from work.
Let’s look at a quick holiday breakdown:
St. Patrick’s Day: An excuse to get wasted in the middle of the week. And who doesn’t love green beer?
Valentine’s Day: This one’s for the ladies, [...]

I think the high school population in my neighborhood doubled this year.  Today, there were waaaay more kids waiting for the train than last year.
The girls really bother me.  They move in little packs of 2 or 3, and will not separate no matter what.  So instead of being able to navigate around just one [...]

Ok, you haaaaaaaave to watch this video. Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this clip. It is simply astonishing!!  This is the subway in Mumbai:

Is that not the craziest shit you’ve ever seen?!?!  What’s even scarier is that’s how our subways are going to be in the next 3 years.  And [...]

Ok, so can we discuss how f-ed up the past couple days of subway ridership have been?
Why is it that crappy service always comes in waves?  You never just have one random day where things are messed up.  It always seems like it has to come in 3 or 4 day in a row bursts.  [...]

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are generally a few kinds of riders when it comes to getting on a crowded subway train.
This is expecially ture lately it seems because for whatever reason, the trains seem to run just a little slower in the summer. Why is it that the there just seems to [...]

Sorry for the lack of posting today. It was just “one of those days” that you wish you just stayed in bed.
In any event, it seems that I managed to dodge a complete sh*t show of a day on the subway. The Lexington line was all out of whack apparently. The trains [...]

You all know this person. They are the ones that wait for the last possible second to get off the train and then get pissy that people are in their way.
Usually, this person is completely zoned out. Then all of a sudden, they notice that the express train they want is across the platform. So, [...]

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