Do you know this guy?  He’s the one that runs through the closing subway doors at the last possible second.  You might know him best because he usually knocks people down like bowling pins as he darts through the doors.
There’s not much to say other than “what a dick.”
I love how he says “excuse me” [...]

Welcome to the conversation

Posted on February 21st, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Kids, Outta the Way

Gothamist finally joins the Subway vs Stroller debate.  They received a listener email asking about proper rider etiquette when it comes to strollers. 
Dear Gothamist,
I am wondering if you can shed some light onto the topic of strollers on the subway specifically during rush hour.
Well, SUBWAYblogger has been on this one for a while.
Baby Gap
Monday, January [...]

So this girl just ran to get on the train as the doors were closing. She made it in, but her bag got stuck in the doors. Happens every day, right?  Well never like this.
She had (has) a laptop computer in the bag. The bag itself is nothing more that a canvas type tote bag. [...]

4.5 Days to go. Just keep telling yourself that.
SUBWAYblogger didn’t take its own advice this weekend. Somehow, I ended up in midtown, crossing 5th Ave too close to the tree at Rockefeller. As predicted, it was pretty crazy.
I figured, what the heck, it’s after 8pm on a Saturday. Most of the shopping crowd [...]

Today is a Gridlock Alert Day. What does that have to do with the subway? Everything.
For example, all over radio and television, reporters are saying, “You’re better off taking mass transit today.” In other words, run for the subways. Unfortunately, in the case of a Gridlock Alert [...]

Did you ever find youself stuck next to “annoying newspaper guy” on the subway? There you are, packed into a train with hardly enough room to breathe as it is. Then newspaper guy whips out his Wall Street Journal and thinks he deserves double the room.
His elbows fly out like wings. Every time [...]

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