As I stand in this already over crowded subway car, I can’t help but dread the coming holiday rush. Starbucks has already rolled out the red coffee cups! So you know that means it is downhill from here.
Soon, the out of town shoppers will be here. They will start to invade the transit system. [...]

The trains are straight up retarded this week. I’m standing here waiting for the train that the annoucer just said is 5 stops away still.
I’m going to have to claw my way onto this train if I plan on getting home before the sun comes up again. All week it has been like this. One [...]

My post about this morning’s insanity drew some touchy feelings. Not so much about the transit problems themselves, but more so about my suggestion of a pay-per-pound fair.
I’m not against “big” people, but I am against fat people who act like they deserve all the extra space they take up.
For example, this fat guy across [...]

When it takes 4 trains going by before you can get on one, you know it is going to be a long day.
A broken rail at the 28th Street station threw thousands od us for a loop this morning. Trains were being redirected all over the place.
As a result, there were no trains at my [...]

If you’ve been a regular reader of SUBWAYblogger, then you may have noticed a pattern. The pattern I am refering to is a regular Wednesday hatred of annoying young people.
On Wednesdays, I need to be at work especially early, so I end up on the subway with kids going to school.
This little bitch next to [...]


Posted on September 25th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway, Outta the Way

There’s a bunch of talk in the blog-o-sphere about subway peevs. AKA stuff that other riders do that bugs the crap out of you.
So, seeing as I am in the subway, I thought I would list a few.
1). Super old people. Yes, the elderly have a right to be on the train. However, if you [...]

Talk about the party thay never ends. Or should I say, the freak show that never ends. I was dragged to Chevy’s in Times Square for dinner. Normally, I don’t enjoy a chain restaurant in the city. There are just so many other good places. But, I figured what the hell, I hadn’t been to [...]

How is it that you could get to the platform every day at the exact same time and have different crowds each time?  Allow me to ellaborate.
I get to my local platform everyday at the exact same time (like right now). Yet today for some reason, there are hundreds of extra people!  I always assumed [...]

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