Honestly, it really is. It’s like a fake holiday. The damn kids have school off, but we don’t get the day off from work.
Let’s look at a quick holiday breakdown:
St. Patrick’s Day: An excuse to get wasted in the middle of the week. And who doesn’t love green beer?
Valentine’s Day: This one’s for the ladies, [...]

Hmmm. Maybe I’m missing something. Isn’t it $5.00 to ride AirTrain to JFK? That’s what I’ve always thought. However, this caption on a new MSNBC.com article says differently.
Further down in the article, it then says the AirTrain costs $5.00…so which is it?
Sounds like George Hobica, Aviation.com, didn’t check all his facts.
I [...]

I think the high school population in my neighborhood doubled this year.  Today, there were waaaay more kids waiting for the train than last year.
The girls really bother me.  They move in little packs of 2 or 3, and will not separate no matter what.  So instead of being able to navigate around just one [...]

Ok, you haaaaaaaave to watch this video. Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this clip. It is simply astonishing!!  This is the subway in Mumbai:

Is that not the craziest shit you’ve ever seen?!?!  What’s even scarier is that’s how our subways are going to be in the next 3 years.  And [...]

Google is getting geared up to start mapping New York City Transit systems. Ultimately, you’ll be able to map a transit or subway route just like Google Maps.
I can only imagine that this is going to be disastrous for Hop Stop. They’re a pretty big company anyway, so I’m not losing much [...]

This would last…ohhh…5 minutes in NYC before one of these guys got shot in the face.
But it would be pretty cool I think.  We’d get more people on the train.  And those brats with personal space issues would just have to suck it up.

So as we’ve recently learned, we are being watched by the MTA. We the bloggers, that is.
Knowing that MTA officials are reading our blogs, I think it’s time to say something. Since we know they are listening, let’s give them something.
On that note, let’s start an open thread that the MTA will hopefully [...]

Would anyone care to expand upon Todd’s gripe?
Random gripe: WTF is up with the N? No downtown express service for a month?! Rush-hour too! Is The MTA on vacation or something? (Oh, and the 4/5 this morning was crazy busy)

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