Guys that can get away with just wearing a poloshirt to work have no idea how lucky they are. While they have no problem dealing with the oppressive subway heat, the rest of us are dying a slow death in our suits.
The powers in charge that mandate full dress attire in the peak of summer [...]

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  On with the point.
There’s an underground movement afoot to get the V line extended to Brooklyn, and to restore express service to Brooklyn on the F line.  I have to say, I agree with much of the frustration.
The F line is super crammed with riders during peak travel time, and it [...]

Sorry for the lack of posting today. It was just “one of those days” that you wish you just stayed in bed.
In any event, it seems that I managed to dodge a complete sh*t show of a day on the subway. The Lexington line was all out of whack apparently. The trains [...]

Since making Google Maps mashups seems to be so popular lately, someone should put together a Margarita map to outline the perfect Cinco de Mayo bar crawl.
Lay it out by subway stop perhaps. Just pinpoint all the places you can get tuned up within 1 block of the subway exit. Hell, SUBWAYblogger would probably help [...]

Is it me, or does getting a new MetroCard throw off your morning “flow?”
I’m talking about the days when you don’t realize that your monthly pass has expired. You swipe in your normal hurry, and DENIED.
Without fail, there will then be a empty train filled with open seats approaching your stop. Of course, there’s no [...]

So yesterday afternoon, SUBWAYblogger went to the Yankees vs Red Sox game (which by the way the Yankees finally won).  Getting up there was a complete nightmare.  Like a complete idiot, SUBWAYblogger forgot that the A and C lines were scheduled to be all F-ed up.
First, there’s no C trains at all.  Damn.  Then, the [...]

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