OK, so this isn’t the subway, but it easily could have been.  There was a pretty funny fight on the PATH train.  The funny part is the guys taping the fight.  This is NSFW if you have speakers.  Turn them down because there is some colorful language. 
Thanks to AMNY Subtracker for tipping us off to [...]

Following up on what we posted earlier, there was a stabbing on the J train in Brooklyn. However, the victim is 17 years old, not 15 as we previously had heard.
At this point, there isn’t much else that is known. Police say they may have a suspect in custody.
The weapon was a scary [...]

Wow…I think this may be the most pissed off subway door operator ever. He’s really screaming mad.
Somewhere on the train, people are holding the doors, and he’s going nuts.
“Let’s go, let’s go!”  “Get away from the doors”  “Front section, we’re waiting on YOU.” 
Have to say, I kinda like it. He’s telling it the way it [...]

A new article out on the AP Wire today says that women on crazy diets are actually causing subway delays. That’s right, women who skip meals are fainting on the subway, causing major backups.
Top Causes of Subway Delays

Holding Doors
Stalled Trains
Sick Passengers

Coming in at #3: Sick Passengers. “Sick” covers a variety of situations, but [...]

Here’s an interesting way to kill some time on your next subway ride. Pay attention to what people are reading around you. Pay special attention to books. It is pretty funny/interesting to see what people are reading.
For example, I kid you not, the old lady sitting next to me is reading a dirty book. I [...]

It seems to me that the bums in the system are a little antsy lately. They seem to be causing more trouble than usual.
Most of the homeless guys is see regularly are pretty harmless. However, there are a couple that have been going nuts lately.
One guy I saw this morning was all messed up. He [...]

A few weeks back, SUBWAYblogger wrote about how the subway recently enjoyed a 37 year low in crime. That’s right, subway crime is currently at its 37 year best.
However, we now wonder if the type of crazies we’ve seen lately have been included in that number.
For example, when someone throws themselves on to the tracks [...]

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