Well, I guess that’s at least half way cool.  It seems that the up escalator at the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station has been restored.  After what’s been about 4 months or more (?), that thing is finally getting back up and running.
Unfortunately, I can’t get on the MTA’s case for this because it is not [...]

I’m in an R train at city hall.  We’re being held here because of a track fire south of  Rector St.  They said FDNY is on scene.
They’re telling us to get off and go uptown to canal.  All downtown traffic on the Broadway line is going over the bridge.
Side note, apparently NJT and LIRR are [...]

Apparently there is a strange odor at the 53rd and 7th station that has caused it to be evacuated.
B, D, and E trains are bypassing the station at this time, and last we heard, passengers are not being allowed to enter the station.  However, the MTA says the V train is running with residual delays.  [...]

I could have sworn I just saw that the Metrocard machines were down again.  As I walked into my station, I pass a whole wall of Metrocard machines.  All of them said “CASH ONLY” across the top.
There were a lot of confused looking people too.
Did anyone have any problems on the way home tonight?

I Fought with a Bum Today

Posted on August 6th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Bums, This just in

Sort of.  Also, it turns out you can’t blog about it on your Blackberry while you are in the process of screaming at a scrawny bum.
Anyway, this morning it was raining pretty hard as we all know.  On my train, there was an open window that obviously had water leak down it and formed a [...]

Just when you thought congestion pricing was dead, a weak heartbeat is heard.  In light of the abolutely astonishing deficit facing the MTA next year, the state is starting to get desperate in it’s search for funds.  Let’s back up and review.
The current state of the subway: sh*thole.
Oh, and that’s the official “term” now being [...]

Holy crap!  Was the MTA listening to us?
Remember back in June when we were talking about how cool it would be to have train cars without seats (aka standing room only)?  Yeah, guess what?
They’re doing it!  (Read Here)
In about 6 months, retrofitted cars will hit the rails as part of a pilot program.  Among the [...]

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We are offering a free, week long banner ad in our left sidebar (premium space!).  You can pick any 7 days you like so it doesnt have to be Mon-Sun.
If you are interested, just [...]

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