The MTA is (and has) been testing the Protran1 safety system for its track workers.  The system allows workers to be alerted wirelessly when there is a train approaching. 
According to the Protran1 website, sensors are mounted on the trains which will set off portable warning lights/alarms.  The system can also set off portable pocket devices carried [...]

A second and third MTA construction worker were struck by a train yesterday. Mavin Franklin, 55, was struck and killed after being dragged by the train. Jeffrey Hill, 41, was also struck by the train, but was pulled out alive. Hill is listed in stable condition.
This second death in 5 days promted [...]

Just when I thought I’ve seen everything, I see something new.  Here’s the setup…
I’m walking down the stairs to the subway.  Already I can see that there’s a ton of a people down there for some reason.  The crowd is really thick.  Keep in mind, this is a major transfer hub, so it has tons [...]

Good or bad?  Let’s hope good!
Let’s backup.  What is congestion pricing?  Good question.  Congestion pricing is the theory of charging a fee to drive in congested areas of NYC during peak traffic times.
In this case,  rumour has it that Mayor Bloomberg is looking to have everywhere below 86th Street fall in the “fee” zone.  Right [...]

Wet enough for you?

Posted on April 16th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Transit Failures

(that’s what she said!)
Don’t you just hate when people say that?  Hot enough for you?  Cold enough for you?
No, thank you.  I prefer much wetter.  I enjoy sitting at my desk all day with wet shoes and pants.  The squishing sound when you walk is my favorite!
So yeah, as we all saw today (and the [...]

Late in the evening (within minutes of posting this), Mayor Bloomberg’s office released a statement urging New Yorkers to use mass transit in the morning.  He wants to keep as many cars of the road as he possibly can.
If you turned on the news overnight, you saw roads under water all over the place.  Hoboken [...]

Well, if you have eyes, you can see that the weather is complete crap today. There’s going to be tons of flooding, especially in the subway tunnels.
So, let us know in the comments section of this post if you experience any service delays while out and about today. We will post them all [...]

Answer:  YES.
A & C train riders are in for shitty transit weekends this weekend, plus 4 more upcoming weekends.  It earned an entire pageon the MTA site.  Luckily, service will be normal for Easter Weekend.
But, as for the other weekends, you’re not getting anywhere fast.  In Brooklyn, well hell, you’re already used to crap service [...]

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