The MTA vowed today to end the policy of allowing MTA board members to have free E-ZPasses and train fares for personal use.
However, it seems that they may still get a free ride if on official MTA business.  However, that seems to be a bit much in my mind.  They should have to pay out [...]

David Mack (MTA vice chairman) stop being a dick.
“If you [the average rider] saw something and called it in, it goes right there,” Mack told reporters at a committee meeting, kicking a garbage can.
“Why should I ride [the train] and inconvenience myself when I can ride in a car?” asked Mack, who has six free [...]

I’m about one or two more back to back track fires away from taking cover in a bunker somewhere.  Seriously.  Things over the past couple weeks are just getting crazy.
It all started with summer showing up light a white hot freight train.  For weeks, we enjoyed beautiful mid 70’s each day.  Then, overnight it was [...]

Following an Earlier Incident…

Posted on June 9th, 2008 by Todd in Transit Failures

“Following an earlier incident 2,3,4 and 5 train service has resumed with residual delays.”
They kept telling us there was a “track event” at 138th street.  I was stuck on a 4 train for 20 minutes between 59th and 86th st.  I had it good though, the car had A.C.  The people waiting at 86th were [...]

An escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. You would never see an “Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order” sign, just “Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”  – Comedian Mitch Hedberg
The late Mitch Hedberg had it right.
I wanted to write a post about the ridiculous state of the subway auxiliary services.  Unfortunately, it [...]

The $1 billion deal for the Hudson Rail Yards development project is all of a sudden DEAD.
The deal fell through at some point late Thursday.  Apparently…
“…an “impasse” over zoning and the timing of payments, the rail yards’ owner said Thursday.” [Newsday]
So a big failing grade for the rail yard, as Gothamist puts it.  See their [...]

Well, yeah that smelly dude is standing a little to close to you, but at least the trains aren’t on fire.
Ok, that’s an exaggeration.
There was a manhole fire near the 33rd Street PATH station around noon today. Apparently, the smoke caused damage to the signal system on the PATH lines near this station.
So, there’s [...]

And by fun, I mean it sucked big time. 
The Brooklyn bound 2 and 3 trains were definitely not running, but I heard there were issues with the 4 and 5 too, which makes sense.
There was allegedly a power failure somewhere near the crossing from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
In any event, that meant there were no 2, [...]

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