Remember way back when the MTA promised that part of the new fare hike would include some general system upgrades with a $30 million improvement package? Yeah well, the MTA has decided they’re just gonna hold off on that for a lil bit.
This is such bullshit, it drives me nuts. If this is [...]

Rain Delay

Posted on March 20th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Transit Failures, Video

How do you know it’s raining out in NYC? Your commute will probably look something like this…or worse.

Let me sum up what you’re seeing. You stand on the musty platform waiting forever for your train to arrive. It finally does, and maybe you’re lucky enough to get on.
A few stops later, you [...]

The tracks or rails of the subway are actually supposed to flex to some degree as the trains run over them. They bow and bend slightly in response to the stress placed on them.
If they were to ridged, they would literally snap when rolled over. So they need to bend somewhat.
Well, the tracks [...]

Has there been an insane amount of transit failures this week, or is it me?
There was Tuesday’s insanity, with what was first reported as a train derailment.  Turns out to have been a fairly massive mechanical failure.
Then, there was today’s crap on the 1, 2, and 3 line.  Still don’t know what the hell that [...]

Amtrak workers could go on strike as early as January 30th.  As with all strikes, there’s a much broader impact than you first think.
An Amtrak strike has affect on virtually all rail related travel.  What most people don’t realize is Amtrak controls the signals coming in and out of Penn Station.  This means all the [...]

Tonight/Tomorrow’s snow could be the subway system’s  first test of 2008.  Wet weather tends to cause massive cluster f*cks on most lines.
All it takes is a hold up ad ONE point on a line, and the entire line suffers.   So what do we hope to avoid?
Snow in general isn’t an issue most of the time.  [...]

So the trend of late for the 1 Train is to do construction or service work in the middle of the damn day.  No no, not on the platforms…on the tracks.
From 10:30 to 3:00 on weekdays, there’s no service on certain sections of the tracks on the Upper West Side.
Lately, I’ve been working on a [...]

Ok, so the 1 Train has totally sucked for….oooohhh…at least the last week.
Takes forever to come at the peak of rush hour.  The person in charge of the line, or in charge of the dispatch tower must be on vacation this week.  There must be a substitute in there.  Why?
They’ve been using the “skip ahead [...]

Flash Back


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