It was recently brought out in the press that the MTA has spent $2.5 million to outfit all 3,500 of its token booth clerks with new uniforms.
At first glance, $2.5 million seems like an appropriate, ballpark figure. Then, you start to kick it around in your head a little. That’s just what the [...]

No shocker here.  Jen at Gothamist attempted to join the MTA Webinar today.  Without any major surprise, there were technical issues that were not able to be solved.
Did anyone else attempt to attend?
Unfortunately, SUBWAYblogger had back-to-back meetings straight through lunch, so we were unable to login.  However, we were looking forward to taping the audio [...]

Remember almost a year ago when we reviewed the Top 10 causes of subway delays? Well, it turns out those delays add up. There’s been a significant decrease in “on time” running on the system.

(click for larger view)
The oldest lines appear to be the most unreliable (no shock there). If you notice, [...]

I’m I the only one confused over everyone’s “relief” due to the recent news that the $2.00 fare will not be going up?
The mainstream media makes it out to be a reason for citywide celebration.  What’s the big deal?  The fact is that the other denominations of rides are likely going to go up.  They [...]

Because MTA board members don’t even bother attending, and it’s their job.  Yes, three board members have managed to not attend a single fare hike hearing, yet they are eligible to vote on the issue when the time comes.

Andrew Saul, Donald Cecil and Susan Metzger are the board members who have not made it to [...]

Yes, those were probably crickets you heard at some of the recent MTA fare hike public hearings. Why? Well that’s what happens when about half the board doesn’t even bother showing up.
Maybe the missing board members decided to cut school work and go for a joy ride in their father’s prized Ferrari. [...]

Ummm…why is everyone so impressed with the good grades the S train received in the Rider’s Reportcard?
How hard could it possibly be to run a train that has only one stop?  If you can’t manage to do that well, you need to find a new line of work.  It’s no shock to us that the [...]

(Sorry for the headline. Couldn’t resist)
Ok, let’s break this down. There’s some amazingly stupid shit happening up in Albany. This shit smells remarkably similar to the shit dished by George Bush when asked why the hell he thought Mike Brown was qualified to run FEMA.
As we all know, there is an opening [...]

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