Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back after a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.  SUBWAYblogger’s back in business, sorry for the lack of posts.
Without further adieu, we believe it is time for our annual public service announcement for tourists visiting our fair city for the holidays.  Here goes:
Get Out of the Way.  Thank you.
To harsh?  I think it is [...]

There’s this new TV show on the History Channel called Sandhogs.  No, we’re not being paid to write this, so everyone relax.
This is a whole reality show is about a crew of guys that dig massive tunnels for a living.  Makes it sound easy, but it’s not.  They are digging a huge water tunnel to [...]

Just when you finally managed to stop pondering all of the things that could go wrong when riding the NYC Subway, it turns out that the computer system that controls the trains crashed for a few minutes yesterday.
It was only “down” for a few moments.  However, when it came back online, the system was unable [...]

Apparently there is a strange odor at the 53rd and 7th station that has caused it to be evacuated.
B, D, and E trains are bypassing the station at this time, and last we heard, passengers are not being allowed to enter the station.  However, the MTA says the V train is running with residual delays.  [...]

According to the MTA, most subway cars are well air conditioned.
Well, ok then.  Thanks for letting me know…I guess?
Wait, wait.  Did they just guess at that?  Of course not.  They commissioned a full scale study.  Transit officials inspected 2,666 train cars throughout the system.  Of them, 73 cars failed.
It appears that the pass/fail mark was [...]

Bon Jovi Subway Changes

Posted on July 11th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Uncategorized

You know you are a rockstar when your concerts cause the New York City subway to reroute in advance.
Apparently, there won’t be any C trains running along the Upper West Side.  Concert entrances are at 72nd Street.  Your ticket says which side (Central Park West or 5th Ave) you have to enter.
You can only enter [...]

More Trains Become Reefs

Posted on June 21st, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Weekend

A barge full of subway cars head out to sea for their watery graves. Judging by how long the MTA keeps trains in service, I would estimate that those trains were made in 1903. See more at Gothamist

Let’s kick this one around in our collective minds:  Standing room only subway cars.
What if we made every other car in a train standing room only?  We could get rid of all the seats in the train car, and perhaps add a few more grab rails and holding points.
Think of all the extra people you [...]

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