Yankees Bonus (make up) Post

Sorry to everyone who was expecting the usual afternoon post. I left work 30 minutes early and headed to the Bronx to catch the tonight’s game. On the way up here I rode by car with a buddy from work, hence no Live update this afternoon.

I just left the stadium after the end of the 8th. Hey, I gotta work in the morning! The Yanks were up 3 to 2 when I left headed into the 9th.
I really hope the D train gets here quick because apparently I wasn’t the only one who had the bright idea to run out early. The platform is packed right now.

That must suck to be on the train before it gets to Yankee Stadium after a game. You’re just riding the train, minding your own business with a couple other people on board. Then you get to 161st Street and WHAM. Flooded with obnoxious Yankee fans. Packed to the gills. Personally, I’d be pissed. Especially because of the “subway know it alls.” I wrote about them a few weeks ago.

I am sitting next to a mother with three boys all under the age of 12. Apparently, they asked Santa Claus for tickets to a game on their birthday. So mom schelpped them up here for the game. I would sooner shoot myself the take three kids on a plane only to then bring them to Yankee Stadium. Unfortunately for her, today turned out to be a double header after yesterday’s rainout. So, she took them to both games.

Well, just got off at 125th to catch the local transfer. I wish the local ran at all times from the stadium. Even though its local, I still get to my stop a lot faster.

Of course, who the hell knows when the C train will get here.

Is it me or does everyone above 110th Street always look pissed? There doesn’t look like there is ever a single happy looking person up here. Then again, I’d be pretty pissed if I lived in the middle of Harlem too. But maybe that’s because I am very white.

Finally the C train is here. That’s enough for now. All the beers I drank at the stadium are making it hard to type! Talk to you in the AM.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

3 thoughts on “Yankees Bonus (make up) Post

  1. I took the wrong train once when I was going to Yankee Stadium. I ended up in Spanish Harlem 😦 It was kind of scary for about 2 seconds and then I got over it and figured out how to get back where I could catch the right train.


  2. I am going to Yankee Stadium from Connecticut in a few weeks. I am thinking of taking the Metro North to 125th street and then taking the subway to the Stadium. Is this a safe option or am i crazy?

    thanks for the advice


  3. Yeah, that’s totally fine. The neighborhood can look a little scary at times, but it’s not as bad as it looks.

    Get off the train, and the 4 is like a block away.

    Then, after the game, you definately won’t be the only one walking to the train station. So, you won’t be alone.


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