Early morning peace

I wish I had the ability to leave for work this early every day. Unfortunately, that extra hour of sleep is waaay more important. I wish I could get up earlier because the subway is much less crowed in the early AM.

To prove it, I actually got a seat! I am SITTING as I write this morning’s post.

The unexpected consequence of sitting is that people standing around me can see what I am writing. On that note…

Hi lady reading over my shoulder. How are you? What could I possibly be so busy writing? An entry into SUBWAYblogger, and you are the main topic. In case you don’t know, SUBWAYblogger is the hottest new blog in NYC. The blog entries are mostly written from the subway and published wirelessly to the web. That’s why I am so busy writing about you poking your nose into my Blackberry.

She was definately reading as I wrote. As soon as I typed “Hi lady,” she turned her head. I should get a SUBWAYblogger hat or t-shirt so that people know what I am doing. Your thoughts?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

3 thoughts on “Early morning peace

  1. I would definately do SUBWAYBlogger Gear if I were you. This way you can not only tip people off to who you are… but maybe you’ll gain notoriety that will afford you a seat more often.


  2. Hahah…that would be funny. The name SUBWAYblogger would cause the seas of people to part! Like a celebrity, people would give up their seat.

    In a just world, perhaps this would happen. j/k

    A fun idea though.

    Maybe I’ll just stick a SUBWAYblogger sticker on the back of my Blackberry…like a bumper sticker.


  3. Love the title, I love early AM peace. I have an hour commute, it is nice to have my time, just me, my radio, and the road. I can’t blog because I am driving, maybe someday though.


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