Now that’s entertainment

Ok so tonight’s “Live from the Subway” post is only a pseudo “live” post.  I was inspired to post about this guy, but truly, only video would do it justice.  So instead of writing about him while I was at 42nd Street, I decided to search YouTube for a video of him.  It’s the kind of thing you just know will be on YouTube.

Anyway, I’ve seen this guy dozens of time, and…well…I thought it was time to give him a shout out.  No, your eyes don’t deceive you.  It really is that strange in person.

One thought on “Now that’s entertainment

  1. Thank you so much for posting on my favorite subway performer of all time – the dancey doll guy! I’ve been catching his act since moving to New York two and a half years ago. He’s just the cutest old man ever. Did you ever see his protege though? Whenever he gets tired, this younger guy steps in for him while he sits and rests. I think it must be his grandson.


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