Subway Fight

I love how there’s a guy getting choked, and people just get out of the way.  Hell, one guy near the end just stands there while the guy gets his head shoved off the end of the seat!

5 thoughts on “Subway Fight

  1. Exactly. The camera should have been set down and someone break it up. It’s irrelevent who’s at fault. In an enclosed public space where there’s a danger to others it’s up to society to police each other and keep folks safe from harm.


  2. I disagree. At least from what is seen on the video, these guys weren’t attacking anyone else, nor did they didn’t appear to be a danger to the people who were inches away. They were self-involved in their own fight. Taping it was a fantastic idea. Hopefully someone reported it and the tape will be used as evidence. The more people that catch this kind of thing on camera the better.

    One or two unarmed people trying to break up a fight between two grown men is stupid. Besides, they looked drunk.


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