Glass platform doors? What next…silk covered seats?


How ’bout this for extravagant: Glass, floor to ceiling doors/walls that line the subway platform. Kinda like the glass doors at the AirTran stops or the monorail in Las Vegas. Ooo…I wanna go to Vegas.

In a nutshell, the doors and walls would provide a barrier between the tracks and the passengers on the platform. The idea actually sounds nice. They look kinda cool too. But unless the glass door company starts handing out free doors, it’s going to cost an ass load. Ohh, and it would only be for a few stops along the new 2nd Ave line.

So what’s the point? Well, they apparently help keep the platforms cooler by about 10 degrees!! That would be pretty sweet. Sure, shaving 10 degrees off of the already 105 temperature still leaves you with 95 sweaty degrees…but hey, at least it’s something.

Also, the doors keep trash off the tracks. Oh, and people too for that matter! It’s much harder to jump in front of a train when there’s no way to get out on the tracks.

Anyway, the MTA is looking into it. Sounds like a pipe dream though.

6 thoughts on “Glass platform doors? What next…silk covered seats?

  1. I don’t understand… so many metros/subways have this is in Europe and Asia. Why can’t NYC? Although the MTA is in debt and running a deficit, the actual city is running a SURPLUS. A good transportation system must be possible..


  2. Europe and Asia? That’s a pretty wide generalization. Some European cities might have glass doors in their subway systems, but they also have 30+% taxation rates to pay for them.

    Thanks, but I’d rather keep my money and deal with the lack of glass.


  3. Of course the MTA is in debt and running a deficit. If they told the truth (many billions per year) then they would have no excuse for giving crappy service while they sit on their ass.


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