An Underground Movement to Extend V Line (Pun completely intended)

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  On with the point.

There’s an underground movement afoot to get the V line extended to Brooklyn, and to restore express service to Brooklyn on the F line.  I have to say, I agree with much of the frustration.

The F line is super crammed with riders during peak travel time, and it doesn’t have to be.  There’s a line of express tracks sitting there literally rotting away because they aren’t being used.  There was even a plan put together back in 2003.

Meanwhile, the V train is virtually empty at all times, but it does not extend into Brooklyn.  It stops on the LES.  So, it conceivably continue onto the F line tracks.  Meanwhile, the F train could use the currently unused express tracks.

This would shift much of the load off the F train and onto the barely used V train.  Seems fairly logical, and probably would not be that expensive to renovate the infrastructure to allow the changes.

But of course, it would have to make it’s way though the bureaucracy.

4 thoughts on “An Underground Movement to Extend V Line (Pun completely intended)

  1. I like the plan in a way, but there are some technical difficulties to consider. Most notable, as I wrote today, are the removed switches on the F line near Coney Island. F trains have to run local past a certain point in order to turn around. I think the V could run local to Church Ave. and terminate there while the F keeps on going. That is, if the MTA can find the money and manpower and scheduling flexibility to make this work.


  2. Many straphangers have discussed the V extension on multiple forums over the last few years. Unfortunately many of us realize that this plan will most likely not materialize.

    The NIMBY’s especially in Park Slope would never go for the F being the express. If any line would be express, it would be the V. None of this is happening unless Bergen St’s lower level is back to being operational.

    They have done construction in the lower level over the last number of months if not year plus. So maybe the extension is not totally out of the question. Either way the F is almost a certainty to remain as the local.


  3. I was just stating what would be the most likely service pattern. I’ll believe it when I see it though as far as the MTA is concerned. They seem hell bent on wasting money on projects that don’t benefit actual city residents.

    Outside of the SAS, their big pet project is geared towards LIRR commuters.


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