Way to Vent Your Frustration

I feel like this guy almost every day on the subway, but mostly just in the summer. However, I’ve never really thought to verbalize it quite the way he did. Bravo my friend.

Man launches into torrent of expletives on the train. Warning: Very graphic language.

7 thoughts on “Way to Vent Your Frustration

  1. another hipster not on his meds, jonesing to get back to his rent controlled cesspool somewhere, he reallty needs to pack it in and explore careers in Starbucks management, in say, Arkansas….


  2. lol, thats awesome… Ive never gotten that pissed before. The closest I ever get is I move my lips and mime my swear words but in my mind im screaming “FU*K FU*K FU*K GOD SH*T FU*K I HATE YOU PEOPLE.”


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