Baby Born on F Train Platform

No, I’m not kidding.

Soleil, the newest straphanger, was born right on the F train platform.

Her mom was on the F train when Soleil decided she wanted OUT. A fellow passenger helped her to the platform when when her water broke.

As if in a movie, a nurse stopped to coach her through the birth as well as some concerned citizens. Some say the trains kept running, which is not a shock to me at all. Haha.

Mom and baby are reportedly just fine at Bellevue.

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2 thoughts on “Baby Born on F Train Platform

  1. Happy to learn that both mom and the new born baby are ok. Although I was fascinated when I read the news, this is not new at all.

    It’s not the first time happens on the NY Subway. Here is this story from 1989, on the Rockaways, courtesy of the NY Times.

    I’m going to take this story to my own site, and give you the credit you deserve!

    Thanks for sharing this story!


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