Subway Newsstand: Worst Job Ever?

Possibly one of the worst jobs of all time.  Can you imagine working in a subway platform newsstand stand?  Having to deal with the degenerates of the city all day long?

The heat in the summer alone would be enough for me to throw myself on the tracks.

My biggest concern would be my health.  I’m sorry, but spending 8 or 12 hours a day on the subway platform cannot be healthy.

There’s so many smells and fumes, not to mention the lead paint and asbestos.

Someone should do a health study of workers that spend 8 hours a day down there.  It can’t be pretty.

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7 thoughts on “Subway Newsstand: Worst Job Ever?

  1. I agree. There should be a study analyzing this. Couldn’t the people working these booths develope cancer? Eh, I hope not. But then again, we have the one’s who actually work on the tracks.


  2. At the end of the day, how healthy can being down there for any extended period of time really be? I even get a little antsy when I have to walk by underground construction. You know that demolition dust in the air is powdered death.


  3. I would imagine that there is significant risk from the brake dust. Have you noticed how black everything gets in areas that are off-limits (i.e., the unused platform at Hoyt-Schermerhorn)?


  4. Someone is always stealing something from those stands and there is the rat problem also. So you always have to check for holes in the bags of candy or chips that you may want to purchase.


  5. The health risks of working on the subways is why the operating personell should have a 20 and out pension like sanatation. There is a HUGE number of transit workers that die within 2 years of retiring.


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