WTF? A $107 Metrocard in the Works

Metrocard bus

For that price, it had better come with at least two drinks.

The latest news is the very real possibility of subway fares going over $100 for monthly cards.  I call bullsh*t there not because of the price necessarily, but what we get.

I love the lead from the Daily News:

Brace yourself for the C-note MetroCard.

It is so true.

Anyway, back to my point about what we get.  Here’s the breakdown of what we could be facing in a C-note fare world.  A 30 day Metrocard goes from $81 to $104 with service cuts -OR- $107 without.

So basically, you’re going to get raped for a new Metrocard, it’s just a matter of how hard.  If you want to get your ass slapped with a $104 fare and decreased services (the double whammy), that’s one option.  If you want to get raped for $107, but still enjoy the same crap services you’ve always received, that’s the other whammy.

Notice that there was no fare for BETTER service than what we have now.  How about a $125 rate structure where we could actually benefit from better technology, faster service, less frequent breakdowns, and a fresh coat of paint.  Nooooooo…why think of that.

It’s way more fun for politicians use their chewing gum to plug the leaks in the dam than actually fix the problem.

6 thoughts on “WTF? A $107 Metrocard in the Works

  1. I live 20 miles outside london and pay 600 dollars a month for a train/tube ticket… I’d give my left leg just to pay 100 ! Oh, and were still paying 8 bucks a gallon too…


  2. @mark: 20 miles though is a completely different story. That’s pretty far. Still a lot of money though. Most New Yorkers ride the subway a couple miles at a time.

    And the Euro crushes the dollar…so the $8 isn’t as bad as it sounds.

    In the mean time, our banks and auto manufacturers are falling apart all around us, so take your expensive gas and stable economy.


  3. That c note monthly card is a bargain… but only because the feds took campaign bucks by the millions from big oil and big car special interest groups. We are all going to suffer because US laws are based largely on politicians paying back special interest groups for their election funding. Mass transit should be free and the service should be state of the art. Driving cars should be expensive and gas should cost 10 dollars a gallon to force Detroit to make more efficient cars like they can.


  4. Woah. This is all so intense.

    Any idea on how the MTA didn’t foresee any of this coming? What with the CUNY tuition increases, too, I need to find a job a lot sooner than I thought.


  5. @Moho:
    Some people actually do pay that much here. If you take the Metro-North or LIRR.. it could be $300 + a month.. then the $100 Metrocard.. and well… not quite $600 but darn close.


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