MTA Doomsday Rate Raping OK’d

The MTA approved the doomsday budget yesterday that will allow them to hike the fares starting as early as Thursday this week.  The new budget would/will need to be approved tomorrow (Wednesday), and the new fare would kick in Thursday.

How much? Single rides would be $2.50.  The monthly unlimited Metrocard would jump to $104 at least (official source).   It could be more if the MTA picked the plan that had no service cuts.  However, it looks like there will be some service cuts in addition to the fare increase to keep the actual financial burden as low as possible.

So should I go buy 12 unlimited Metrocards right now while they are still just $81 ?  Will they be honored?  Technically, they don’t activate until their first use.

4 thoughts on “MTA Doomsday Rate Raping OK’d

  1. Oh, hum…
    Still, the MTA prices will still cheaper than the TTC’s.
    Compare with the Toronto Transit Commission’s cash fare at $2.75 CAD, while the monthly undiscounted pass is $109.00 CAD. The good news is no fare increase for 2009.


  2. I’m going to buy a couple extra just as long as they hold off on the hike until I get my bonus. The pre-hike cards were good for a while last time, right?


  3. From:
    “Grace Period: Unlimited Ride MetroCards purchased prior to March 2, 2008 will be honored through June 30, 2008. To get all the days you are entitled to, these MetroCards must be activated for the first time no later than the following dates…30-Day card: June 1”

    So when does the next fare increase take effect? I’m going to buy 3 extra cards 🙂


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