Poll: Wishing for Subway Luxuries

On my way to work, I was thinking about what I would wish for if I was able to get one wish from the subway.  If I could make any subway related improvement at the snap of a finger, what would it be?

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If you can think of any others, please drop them in the comments.

I think cellphone reception might be my first choice.  Then again, the simplicity of everything being nice and clean would be a great change of pace.

Of course, most of these are just pipe dreams.  Maybe there’s still hope.

13 thoughts on “Poll: Wishing for Subway Luxuries

  1. I’d like to have cell reception but I think it’d get abused… by the inevitable obnoxiously-loud-long-conversation-having-cell-phone-talker.


  2. Having ridden on subway systems all over the world, I find it really funny that we consider clean floors and enough seats a luxury, when everywhere else (except for maybe seats in Japan) it is a given.


    And they’re raising rates.


  3. In all honesty, I think cell phone reception would be a bad idea. People would talk way too loud, way too often, like what does happen sometimes on the elevated lines, and the commuter railroads. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t care that Chris was late for work because his coffeemaker broke, and it’s none of my business that Ashley was stood up on a date to TGI Friday’s on 5th ave with a guy she picked up in a bar.


  4. Missing option: a set schedule and to-the-minute on-time service. So then you would _know_ how long it would take to make a transfer, and how long it will take to get where you are going. I want to make my rides predictable.



  5. Not on the list but very much needed: elevators at every station. Anyone who has ever dealt with a stroller, large package, or spent time on crutches or with a walker knows that elevators are much easier to maneuver than an escalator.

    What’s more, it is ridiculous that people in wheelchairs are so poorly served by our transportation system. I say, give us elevators and keep them in service!


  6. This is my suggestion and right now it is highly unlikely especially now but it would be to have booths and station agent coverage restored at all stations where it was either reduced or completely eliminated. In other words there would always be agents available 24 hrs to help passengers on the stations, there would be booths and not just machines in places where passengers could purchase cards, obtain travel info and get help when they have problems with their cards or the turnstiles, etc. There would be agents outside of the booths to readily be accessible to the passengers and also the clerks who remain inside the booths. I would be very very happy because it would greatly reduce all the passengers who bother us daily with their troubles and complaints using the system. And it would make people who come to visit our system feel more safe and secure because someone is there for them, to help them.


  7. Tim: AGREED! Cell phone service is way low on my list of things that are important.
    Reliable service with clean trains = important.
    Inane phone calls that can’t wait until you’re out of the train = ridiculous


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