I swear fat people gravitate toward me

I don’t know what it is.  Maybe god id punishing me for talking about fat people on SUBWAYblogger.

Lord knows the haters start bashing away in the comments every time I bring up the subject.

So before I get into the point of this post, let me say a few things for the record

  1. No, I don’t hate fat people.  I just think that they need to recognize that they are fat and that other people shouldn’t have to be impacted by someone else’s girth.
  2. I’m not insensitive.  I just tell it the way it is.  Sugar coating is for babies.
  3. I know…just because your fat doesn’t mean you a bad person.  I get it, and I agree.  So just relax.

I know some of you won’t be able to help yourselves.  You’ll need to rail on me in the comments.  Have at it.  You know I never censor the comments.

To the point now…

On my way home today, there was a very, very large young woman that was getting miffed by me bumping into her back.

Well, she was standing facing one row of seats.  My back was to her facing the opposite row of seats.  So we were standing back to back.

I of course was standing on my half (if you will) of the aisle.  On the other hand, she was occupying all of her side, part of the lap area of the poor soul sitting in front of her, as well as a third of my side.

To top it all off, she was wearing one of those Nike sling backpacks.  It looked like a parachute pack on the back of a hippo…which is fine.  It’s no big deal as long as it’s not being shoved into my back.

Even that I can deal with on a packed train.  What drives me  absolutely insane is when she starts to cop an attitude because “she’s getting pushed.”

I’m sorry, you’re so massive that people literally cannot get around you to get off the train, but you’ve got the balls to be pissed when they try to push past you.

If you’re fat, fine.  Be fat, but just own it.  Hey, you’re in the way so don’t get mad when people need to push by you.  Just get over it.

When the train takes a turn, and I bump into your back which has oozed over to my side, don’t get annoyed.  Trust me, the last thing I want to do is touch you.  So if I do, and it isn’t comfortable for you, you’re just going to need to deal with it.  It definitely isn’t comfortable for me.

35 thoughts on “I swear fat people gravitate toward me

  1. Yeah! I know what you mean! The nerve of her to complain! Winter in the subway is sooooooooooooooo annoying because people have on so much extra clothes, you are bumping into each other all sorts of ways. And can I just say, that the #6 has been driving me crazy this week!


  2. It’s not like you’re like “Man the Harpoons!” in your blog.

    But whether she’s fat or not, people are going to bump into each other constantly on a crowded train. If she doesn’t like it, let her not take the train.


  3. I feel like I saw once that you wanted people to correct you if you had a grammar problem ..”balls to be pissed when they try to push passed you.” should say pushed past you.

    Otherwise, great post. Love the site. (:


  4. Thank God it wasn’t in the summer on an un-airconditioned subway car, imagine her big fat sweaty blubbery body rubbing against yours for a few moments as you are trying to squeeze past her to get out the door, oh how disgusting that would have to be for you but funny for anyone who got to see it happening.


  5. I have someone else I’d rather complain about: The chick who lays her whole body against the pole even though I’m HOLDING IT. And her HEAD is on my HAND. And when I look her in the face and say “hi” as in “get the f off my hand’ she cops an attitude with me.

    Ahh, thank you for letting me vent that one.

    And yet I still love the subway.


  6. Is there a way to get the MTA to start an official campaign about “Rider Etiquette”? They already do some of it sporadically it seems.

    Just a few examples to highlight:
    – take your backpack off in crowded train
    – don’t lean or put your feet up on pole
    – cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

    As they say, Fat is skin deep, but Bad Rider Etiquette is to the bone.

    My favorite is when the fat person needs to sit so they squeeze into the middle seat between two normal sized adults. And then act like it’s not them, its the small seats the MTA created for children that is the problem. No, it’s your fat arse that can barely stand up for a 35 min subway ride that is the problem.


  7. I know it’s mean, but I was laughing really hard @ this. You described it in such great detail, I could see it perfectly. I guess she’s sensitive about being looked @ & hassled about her weight, so she’s got an attitude.
    I so agree about rider etiquette. Add taking up a seat w/ your bags when the train is crowded & standing in the doorway so that everyone has to squeeze past you to get on the freaking train.


  8. You are not the only one who seems to be a magnet for fat people. I’ve been sat on a few times, it’s not fun, and on top of that, the fatties get an attitude when you try to get out from under them. I also seem to be a magnet for people who smell bad, and who have terrible terrible bad breath. I agree with you completely that fat people just need to recognize that they are fat and that they DO take up a lot of space.


  9. @thedailycommuter:
    As a daily fat commuter of the #6 train I cannot take offense on this. I personally can understand I do take up a bit more space than your average commuter. That being said, sometimes it takes a bit more time for me to find a spot for me to move to, to make way for others. I don’t wanna get pushed around, and so I try not to push others around in order to make space. Sometimes the one’s blocking my way are the skinny people who are simply not allowing me past the pole to the opposite side so I can let the other passengers pass by or maybe I am not moving cause I see if i wait for the next 3 people who are coming out the door will make a nice wide space for whoever is behind to go through without problems. Patience is very important.

    That reminds me of the time I almost sat on a guy. I was turning around so I can sit in a pretty wide space on a full train, next to the doors. and just when I was starting to bend my knees, some guys comes out of left field, sneaks in through the gap of me the chair and the next guy and sits down. Normally i’d just turn around, give the guy a smirk and stay standing up, but his sneakyness upset me, so I attempted to sit in the small small between him and side tubes not caring that only 1 buttcheek fits in the space. Next thing I know im sitting in confort as the guy managed to move and stand at the door on the further opposite side of the train, with as much speed as he had when he snuck in between me and my seat.


  10. I think it is very inconsiderate when a person who obviously can’t fit into a narrow space like a corner seat or middle one and squeezes themselve in that they bump your side, etc. is being very rude and then when someone makes a comment they don’t like it. That’s nonsense, you need to go and find somewhere to sit that you can comfortably sit there without making others uncomfortable.


  11. There’s needs to be an official subway/bus etiquette rule book, b/c some people who need to be reminded of proper etiquette. Here’s my vent: Train riders Take off your backpack/briefcase, etc., If you cough cover your mouth with a tissue, etc. it’s bad enough subways have enough germs as it is, stop playing your MP3’s so loud that the entire car hears it? it’s rude and your just going to make yourself deaf one day, I don’t get it they’re called earbuds let’s try using them for a change, How about holding on to the poll so you don’t fall on someone I’ve had some idiot fall on top of me before b/c of this. And please observe personal hygiene make sure you use enough degree/secret, etc. and brush your teeth no one wants to get a sniff of your dragon breath in the morning, our commute to work is stressful enough. and for you bus riders same rule applies but another pet peeve I have why does the whole world need to hear what you’re talking about on your cell phone? stfu! There’s been many a time that I’ve heard entire life stories, drama, and things I don’t need to hear it’s called texting.


  12. I’m not angry at all 🙂 I just made a quick vent of the very real annoyances you can encounter on the subway. Some people have no manners or consideration and after you encounter the same annoyances every day it builds up lol. @MDSanta:


  13. “I just think that they need to recognize that they are fat and that other people shouldn’t have to be impacted by someone else’s girth.”

    How ignorant are you? Trust me, when you’re fat, you recognize it. And you know other people know it, too. Furthermore, you are made even more aware of it in crowded quarters. Unfortunately, obese people are not balloons and we can’t deflate at a moment’s notice. Although, we wish we could. Trust me. (Please, spare me the lecture about diet and exercise. Been there, done that, several times. Medical problems. On medication. Won’t get into the lovely details here. It sucks. It really fucking sucks, and there’s nothing I can do about it short of surgical intervention. Would you like to contribute to that cause so you can have a more pleasant subway experience, asshole?)

    What makes it worse is when ignorant fucks like you post this kind of hateful crap. It just makes us feel even more worthless and awful than we already do. It’s perpetuating a stereotype. I mean, a hippo? Are you serious? Are you in the third grade? Grow up already.

    PS. Her pissy demeanor was her way of “owning it.” You are a tactless, mean-spirited jerk.


  14. @M:Apparently, you are the ignorant one that doesn’t know how to read. (Shocking)

    This isn’t an attack on fat people. This IS an attack on fat people that have the balls to cop an attitude when others are affected by their girth, as in the case shown here.

    Again, because you were to dense to see i the first time, this woman has no right to get pissed that people are bumping in to her because she occupies half the car.

    If you’re fat, fine…be fat. Knock yourself out. Just like I can sit at home naked, drinking my face off. As long as me doing that and you being fat doesn’t impact anyone else, no one cares.

    And dont cite that crap about not being able to loose weight short of surgery. Unless you’ve been on a treadmill 7 days a week for an hour a day, and not lost a pound, no one wants to hear it. And it just makes you look stupid.


  15. Even though I am not large, I say this to all you skinny skank faced jerks. these people do have medical issues. Not just feeding their face either. Have you ever stopped and thought about what these people go through every day. Specially with rude remarks like some of you posted here. for Cripes sake; get off your high horse and do some research on “people with weight issues”. Just think that some day you skinny assed jerks could be in the same boat as these people.
    If you don’t like them on the subway’ then here is my suggestion to you. Try running; you’ll get to where ever you’re going faster. I think some of you should get a life and get real. That includes you to The SUBWAYblogger. You for one are a total asshole.


  16. @The SUBWAYblogger:

    Dude we understand your situation, maybe the post title would’ve been a bit more general “why I hate ‘ignorant’ people’. And you would’ve avoided a huge amount of assholes.

    @swede swenson:
    Dude chill, unless your the chick in question I don’t see why take offense here. I mentioned before I’m huge and I’m not even taking offense. what he mentions here is the harsh reality of things, maybe its not everyone’s reality but that shit does happen, whether it be purposely, accidental or from an extremely skinny person. The story was his personal experience and there’s no reason for him to alter his details to accommodate others. That’s the equivalent of me stopping by your crib and telling you what to cook me for dinner.

    Anyways welcome to NY.


  17. subwayblogger……….some thoughts for you to plunder
    you say “and dont cite that crap about not being able to loose weight short of surgery. Unless you’ve been on a treadmill 7 days a week for an hour a day, and not lost a pound, no one wants to hear it. And it just makes you look stupid.”
    Think about it this way. I am 187 that is down from 253. Before I had sugery I could NOT lose weight on my own. I suffer from FM, ddd, facet disease and PTSD along with being bi-polar. TO make the story short I HURT constantly. Tell me exactly HOW am I suppose to exercize everyday for 7 days a week when I can barely move to walk? Tell me how do I get on a tredmill for an hour a day, when it hurts to stand or walk or bend or move? My matabolism SUCKS because of my medical problems. I do not over eat, I hardly eat at all. BUT if you know anything from the medical perspective you will know not eating causes your body to go into starvation mode and hold on to the calories and fat that you do eat. So it compounds onto the fat that is already there. What exactly would you have me do about? Would you so kindly go and find a cure for all of my medical problems just so I can lose weight so you will not be offended when I ride the train? Please, I will not cop an attitude about your bumping me and rubbing up on me on the train if you promie to stop having a woody while your running up against me.
    maybe you should put yourself in her shoes and then you would not jump so fast to ridcule her about her size. You need to remember that lady is someones mother, daughter, sister, aunt or neice. That person is someones loved one that your making fun of. How would you feel if she was your loved one? Would you jump to defend her from some punk ass loud mouth short dicked loser who wants to make fun of her size? If it bothers you that much, please write her out a check in the amount of 24K so she can have a weight loss surgery. Then you will not be offended by her size anymore. OH wait Mcdonalds doesn’t pay that much does it?


  18. @The SUBWAYblogger:

    Nice. Way to delete my response to your idiocy. Again, try doing your magic treadmill recommendation combined with extreme restriction (1300 calories a day) along with a personal trainer, nutritionist, and several doctors who ALL throw their hands up in the air and say “I don’t get it.” Try spending 20 minutes in the locker room crying your eyes out after a weigh-in when you’ve seen the numbers have not moved at all. Try this for 10 months. THEN, you can come back and tell me how stupid I am.

    Daft prick.


  19. @M: Your comment didn’t get deleted. Your “colorful” choice of words got it kicked into the manual approval queue. It’s a filter designed to detect spam.

    So I believe it was “dumb fuck” that got it flagged.

    Anyway, I check the list a few times a day and approve all of them as long as they are from a real person and not a bot. Even if they are raging off the handle.

    No censorship here. Oh and not to beat the ignorance horse to death, but that’s what “comment held for moderation means” after you posted that.


  20. I think the haters are completely missing the point here. Let me put it another way.

    If it were a guy in a wheel chair on the train instead, it would be the same thing. If he rolled over my foot and then had the nerve to be annoyed about the bump, that’s just stupid.

    I mean I get that you are in a wheelchair, which is very unfortunate. But again, why should everyone else have to avoid getting their feet run over by you?

    Or if you were sitting in the middle of a crowded train in your wheelchair, and you started to get annoyed when people were bumping you a little as they tried to get past you. Moron.

    OOOOOOOOHHH and here’s an even better example. Women with baby strollers. I get that you need it to push your kid around. But I’m sorry that your stroller is the size of a Cadillac. Your kid might get bumped a little as you stand in the doorway. Lose the bitchy attitude. YOU are the one in the way.

    See, it’s all the same thing.

    You’ve got to suck it up and own who you are. Part of that is recognizing that fact that no one else deserves to have to deal with you but YOU.


  21. @Poppy:
    Poppy, what’s worse is when they get annoyed at you for your hand driving into their back, when it wouldn’t be touching them at all if they’d stop leaning against the pole.


  22. Just stumbled across this post. I thought ‘it’ was funny. I know that some people have medical problems that prevent or hinder them from loosing weight but still…….reality is sometimes funny even when it hurts.

    I’m over here in Korea teaching English now and the subways here are incredible. I remember when I first came to NYC in 1973 (after grad school in Phoenix) how cool I thought the subways were. I used to take the EE from E47th to W16th where I worked. I hear you guys there in NYC are having subway service cutbacks now? Bummer!

    On the weight problems though..I’ve know fat people with various attitudes about it. Some of them were aware that it created problems for others, some were oblivious to it and some just didn’t care. It’s that last category that I think this post was about.

    Sure, some people are going to be offended by it but, heck, you gotta play the cards you’re dealt.

    BTW……you subway lovers would love the subways here in Seoul. They’re very efficient. It’s sooo nice to not have to have a car……unlike Houston where I’m from. You can see some pictures and videos of them on my pic/vid site at http://www.dropshots.com/seoulsalsero . I’m not selling anything there…just thought I’d offer it as some perhaps interesting media content.



  23. I occasionally ride rapid transit in Atlanta, and yes, I am fat and look like Homer Simpson. I don’t care if I annoy or bump into any of you lesser people, I am a Jew and one of the Chosen People as dictated by God, so all of you Gentile Losers just “Shut Up….And Know Your Place” in this life.


  24. @Ed:

    Being a Jew does not make you a special snowflake. Although if you compare yourself to Homer Simpson then one can assume that you also have a crayon shoved halfway into your brain as well.


  25. I must say Ed, you remind me of that Ex Rock Star Has Been “Gene Simmons” of KISS. I was watching his TV show called the “Family Jewels” and he made a comment similar to yours. He asked his son why he was working on his own car and then made this statement; “That’s What Gentiles Are For”. And he did it with a completely smug, sneering, leering stare, his Fat Jowls Flapping as he said it as well. You two Jew Boys can take the short road to hell. F.Y. Both!!


  26. @nycgirl: I am that bitch that will see if you got room to move over so I can sit my ass down on an empty seat if you look at me with this stupid ass look on your face and act like you cant move over cuz u want the space for yourself, best believe i will be the one to push u aside. I’m not chunky but i’m not bones either and if you don’t have the common courtesy to move the fuck over I will move your ass for you. And if you got the audacity to say sumtin, I will embarass you. Simple as that. As far as someone having to text in order to accommodate your ears is fuckin retarded! Have the balls to tell someone to use their inside voice. People have the right to talk over the phone to another human at any given moment. Texting is cool for low priority statements but to have full conversations by text is Robotic and drone-like, I’ve cut friends off for that. You might as well kill yourself or reprogram yourself. Thank You for riding the MTA!


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