Drunk Man Gets Hit by Train and Wins $2.3 Million

Dustin Dibble, 25, of Brooklyn fell onto the subway tracks back in April of 2006.  A train came and ran over his leg.  Unfortunately, the leg had to be amputated at the calf.

Dibble was drunk at the time and reportedly had a BAC of .18.

The courts just awarded him $2.3 million!

They found that the train operator saw him in time to stop, but did not.  Dibble’s lawyers allege that the train operator saw Dibble and had 180 feet of room to stop, but did not.

The train operator’s lawyer says the driver thought Dibble was simply trash on the tracks.

Dibble admits being intoxicated and does not even remember the incident.

So how is it that this is the fault of the MTA? This guy was drunk, fell onto the tracks, and was hit by a train.  It is absolutely an unfortunate situation.  Obviously, Dibble will never be the same again, but how is that the fault of the train?

It’s not like the driver actually saw a person on the tracks and said to hell with it…hit him.  It’s extremely traumatic for the person driving the train when they hit someone.  Actually, the MTA requires crews associated with this kind of incident to undergo psychological counseling.

It just boggles the mind.

8 thoughts on “Drunk Man Gets Hit by Train and Wins $2.3 Million

  1. It’s not the fault of the MTA. It’s the fault of the idiots on the jury who awarded the $2.3 million settlement, along with the other morons on other juries who do the same thing in cases like these. We just had a lady crash into a building because she spilled hot coffee on herself in a drive-thru and “lost control” of her legs because the pain was so great. Here’s a clue, moron, put the car in PARK when you’re conducting business in a drive-thru.


  2. There has to be a reasonable limit put on certain types of personal injury cases like this and it has to be set at a federal level. So 2.3 million went to this alcoholic “A” hole, and there are kids starving in rural America. What the freak is it going to take to get the leadership of this country to take real action that is not just going to finance more people that own oil based industry or military outfitters ???


  3. I impressed by your way of narrating such a sensitive happening . My over all understanding about your views is that people who are engaged in such driving occupations must have an insight and sense of responsibility. Because their job requires a lot of care fullness . In my opinion all such people should be provided a training under deserving order .
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  4. its 100 percent the MTA fault, there should be something on subway platfom that prevents even drunks from falling into train tracks. mta is lucky that this young man didnt get more money.


  5. @gary malata:
    Oh man, tell me about it. And how about those sidewalks, upstairs at street level? The amount of danger they represent to drunks is crazy, cray-zay! I mean, shouldn’t someone in the city think of their welfare and isolate all subway platforms and curbs with… glass panes, maybe? Chicken wire?

    Oh, wait. You’re joking. Ha! Of course you are. Sorry, I took you seriously for a moment there.


  6. @–:

    If you actually rode the train you would notice that most do not begin braking until the start of the platorm, some later than that. Thus the train in normal service stops in less than 750 ft.


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