In a recent trip around the web looking for interesting subway tidbits, I found some great pictures on NYC the Blog of a parade of subway cars rolling down 125th Street.
According to the blog, the train cars were being delivered by flatbed truck on Election night around the time of the Obama win!
NYC the Blog [...]

According to the MTA, most subway cars are well air conditioned.
Well, ok then.  Thanks for letting me know…I guess?
Wait, wait.  Did they just guess at that?  Of course not.  They commissioned a full scale study.  Transit officials inspected 2,666 train cars throughout the system.  Of them, 73 cars failed.
It appears that the pass/fail mark was [...]

Let the drama begin. Apparently this September, straphangers will see ads on the subway promoting Islam. (Oh nooo !!)

How can we protect our children from these ads that will surely turn them into terrorists instantly?

Unfortunately, that’s not an exaggeration if you ask many New Yorkers including some Congressmen.

“I have no problem with the ad itself, but I have a very, very real problem with those behind it,” Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican, said Tuesday. He is urging the Metropolitan Transit Authority to reject the ads. [CNN]

What didn’t make it into the text version of the story, but did make it in the live interview with Rep. King was when he said that he was especially appalled by the ads running at a time when America will be “…mourning the 7th anniversary of 9/11.”

So I’ve seen a lot of gross stuff happen, especially in the subway.  Gross, smelly, oozing homeless feet.  Fat, sweating, pigs of human beings in airconditionless subway cars.  Really, it takes a lot to make my skin crawl.  However, this put me over the edge.
I was on a 3 train coming from downtown.  It was [...]

More Trains Become Reefs

Posted on June 21st, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Weekend

A barge full of subway cars head out to sea for their watery graves. Judging by how long the MTA keeps trains in service, I would estimate that those trains were made in 1903. See more at Gothamist

Let’s kick this one around in our collective minds:  Standing room only subway cars.
What if we made every other car in a train standing room only?  We could get rid of all the seats in the train car, and perhaps add a few more grab rails and holding points.
Think of all the extra people you [...]

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