Q: What does the little “” mean after some of your links?

A: The is a symbol for an auto-linked page. SUBWAYblogger has system technology to automatically create links to important keywords. For example, anytime you see the word “MTA”, SUBWAYblogger automatically creates a link to the MTA website. We hope this will help make SUBWAYblogger.com more of a transit resource. Using this technology, we can ensure that we always have links out to content that our readers can use. Plus, hey, it is a lot easier for our writers than making a manual link to our most common sources!

Also, please don’t worry about advertising. We will never place an advertising link within an article. Any link within a story will always take you to more content, not an advertiser.

Q: Can I submit my own subway story for posting?

YES.  Send it to submit [[@]] subwayblogger.com. 

Q: Uhhh…do you proof read your stuff?

A: Yeah as best we can. Listen, it is pretty hard to catch all your typos when you are typing entire paragraphs into a Blackberry. So, it is hard to catch everything. So, if you see a typo, either write a comment about it, or just let it go. The Subway Blogger would prefer that you let us know, but hey, you got other things to do too.

Q: If you are blogging from the subway, how are you getting the images and stuff in there?

A: Once we get back to a computer, we touch it up a bit. We go in and take care of any format issues. And, where we can, we will include an image. We get the raw content up right away, just to get it out there. Then, we go back and make it pretty.

Q: Don’t you have anything better to do?

A: Hey, it makes the ride go faster. What are you doing…listening to your iPod?

Q: Does SUBWAYblogger take its own photos?

A: Sometimes, but not much. Most of the photos in this blog come from places like Flickr. If you click on an image, in most cases, it will take you to the photographer’s flickr page. There you can see more of their work. We must say, there are some amazing photographer’s out there that make these posts really pop. Whenever possible, we will take our own photos. However, writing on a Blackberry is hard enough, so we don’t often have time to snap our own shots.

Q: How do I advertise on SUBWAYblogger?

A: Click here. We’re cheap!

Q: I left a comment, but it never showed up. What’s your comment policy?

A: Glad you asked. Read this.

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