Technically, live blogging is blog where the topic being written about is happening in real time. So if there were a reporter at your favorite sporting event blogging about the game as it happened, that would be considered live blogging.

For our purposes, I will be live blogging from the subway. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology (a.ka. my Blackberry), I can write about the stuff I see as I see it. Guess that also makes this a Moblog. So, when I see the craziest sh*t go down, there I will be typing my thumbs to the bone.

So if you see a guy eyeballing you from across the train or platform, and he is typing on his Blackberry…guess what? That’s right, I am blogging about YOU. Right that very second. And 9 times out of 10 it will be because you are “worth writing about. Trust me, that is not a compliment.

PS – If you work for Blackberry…I’d love a new Curve. Or an iPhone. SUBWAYblogger is not above shameful endorsements for free electronics. Email me submit [@] Ohh…or if you work for a wireless service provider. I bet you have the hookup too.

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