One of the great things about a blog is being able to comment or contribute your thoughts to a post. In the ideal setting, a blog’s comment system would be wide open where anyone and everyone can post comments. Unfortunately, that is not the world we really live in. There are people who have nothing better to do with their time but make the life of a blogger miserable. They create little scripts and spiders that crawl sites and write spam comments. Sometimes the comments are quite vulgar, and sometimes they are jus gibberish. Even worse, some of these scripts will slam a site with hundreds of spam comments an hour. It virtually overloads the site with garbage.

So, the way SUBWAYblogger’s comment system is setup allows a user to post a comment at any time without registering. It will require a name and email address, but of course, you can just make something up if you want to remain anonymous.

However, if your comment contains links or a flagged word, it will drop into the moderation queue. Then, we will just give your comment a quick once over to make sure it is legit, and we will approve it. This is because comment spammers often use the same words over and over. So if you were to use the term “texas holdem'” in a comment, it would be flagged. Same thing for the 7 dirty words. Not that we have a problem with them, but sometimes that is a clue that a comment is spam.

So don’t be frustrated if your comment doesn’t immediately show up. It simply means that it needs to be quickly reviewed. You may have used a link or flagged word, so we just need to check it out first.

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